This post is by Tommi Uitto, senior vice president, West Europe, at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets The NSN Solution Experience Center hosts superb “Barcelona Revisited” events at our facilities in Karaportti, Finland. “Barcelona Revisited” means that we bring a little bit of Mobile World Congress 2014 closer to our customers. We invite customer employees who could … Continue reading

This blog is by Stephane Daeuble at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @stephanedaeuble Don’t you just hate it when you buy a one-size-fits-all that doesn’t fit… or an all-in-one solution that is anything but? Well, it’s time to set the record straight on the hot topic of small cells in light of some like-for-like performance comparison data revealed … Continue reading

In yet another strong affirmation of Nokia Solutions and Networks’ TD-LTE capabilities, the company, in collaboration with China Mobile (CMCC), became the first to deliver TD-LTE services at one of the world’s showcase racing events in Shanghai, the commercial capital of China. With NSN’s technical expertise, its Global Services portfolio, and its high-capacity Flexi Multiradio … Continue reading

Adding magic from the Silicon Valley

This post is by Kanika Atri from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @KanikaAtri Did you know that one-third of all of the venture capital investment in the United States goes to the Silicon Valley? No wonder it is home to most millionaires and the most billionaires in the US per capita. But venture capital only follows … Continue reading

This post is by Günther Horn from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Mobile security risks on the rise Today’s mobile networks no longer rely on obscure or proprietary protocols from the telecom industry, but leverage IP-based protocols. IP protocols have allowed mobile networks to easily interface with web servers, spawned a massive growth of user applications, … Continue reading

This post is by Marja-Liisa Lehtinen from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @lissulehtinen Liquid Broadband is all about creating additional value from mobile networks, specifically about making money from content delivery. It takes a holistic approach to content delivery, going beyond video and addressing the management of OTT applications and the evolution of traditional voice services. … Continue reading

This post is by Zhi-chun Honkasalo from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Imagine we are able to learn about the entire mobile broadband network in real-time. Imagine operators offering a personalized network experience every time a subscriber’s device interacts with the network.  And now imagine telecom network big data as footprints… Colossal amount of … Continue reading

This post is by Paul Norkus from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @PaulNorkus Stadiums, concert halls, train stations, festivals in parks, convention centers – these are all types of venues that bring a large concentration of people together in a small area. For operators, this means having high traffic demand in a dense environment with subscribers … Continue reading

This post is by Anna-Kaarina Pietilä from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AnnaPietil It’s surprising to think back and remember that when the first HSPA devices came onto the market, they offered downlink speeds of just 1.8 Mbps. Today, people can buy HSPA tablets and smartphones with download data rates of 42 Mbps. Without much fanfare, … Continue reading

This blog is by Gerald Reddig from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @GeraldReddig Tests by NSN Smart Labs show that some over-the-top (OTT) Voice over IP (VoIP) services eat up 40% more smartphone battery power than Voice over LTE (VoLTE) from mobile operators. Many OTT players are becoming increasingly active in the mobile voice service … Continue reading

This blog is by Stephane Daeuble at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @stephanedaeuble I enjoyed a new activity at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). Our Flexi Zone Controller demonstration clearly had the X-factor, attracting long lines of positively surprised visitors. In fact, we witnessed so many people saying “Wow!” that we started to count how often it was … Continue reading

This blog is by Jeremy Percy,  Real Estate Environment Health and Safety Manager at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Like many other good corporate citizens, NSN will be turning off the lights in our offices around the world for one hour this Saturday, March 29,in honor of Earth Hour. By encouraging our employees to also take … Continue reading

This blog is by Claudio Frascoli at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @pro_frasca This year at Mobile World Congress, I had the chance to discuss Big Data strategies with several mobile operators. One thing in particular captured my attention: While everybody agrees on the value that data analytics can bring to the business of a mobile operator, many … Continue reading

This blog is by Shelley Schlueter at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @sschlueter It’s set to be a good year for Customer Experience Management (CEM), suggests the latest Heavy Reading research, with even mainstream adopters now developing strategies in this space. In her report ’The CEM driven Telco – Next Steps for Adoption’, Senior Analyst Caroline Chappell, provides an analysis … Continue reading

This blog is by Ajit Kahaduwe at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @akahaduwe Location, Location, Location… Being able to determine the best location for a small cell site based on where users are active and the amount of data being consumed can greatly improve an operator’s return on assets (ROA). The emerging site placement problem Wireless operators spend … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @akdayama It was a particularly upbeat GTI* workshop in Barcelona during this year’s Mobile World Congress 2014, one clear reason being the swelling membership with 101 operators and 73 vendors coming together to drive TD-LTE globalization. China Telecom and China Unicom are among the … Continue reading

This post is by Neil Thorley  from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets According to Informa: “The fact that Best Mobile Infrastructure at the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards this year was won by a self-optimizing-networks (SON) entry – a joint iSON-automation-for-operations entry from NSN and O2/Telefonica UK – is a good indication that automation and optimization … Continue reading

This post is by Vishal Agnihotri from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @v_agnihotri An advanced software feature from NSN has enabled a major Indian operator to generate additional capacity and make room for more smartphone users over existing sites and infrastructure. The software helped generate more than 3% overall additional capacity that can be used … Continue reading

This post is by Lars Lagerström from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @LarsLagerstrom The buzz about HetNets and small cells at Mobile World Congress was hardly a surprise to anybody. This year, however, the discussion had clearly moved from hype to actual implementation considerations. Operators have concluded they need more than just radio access network … Continue reading

This blog is by Gerald Reddig from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @GeraldReddig Not all applications and smartphones party well together. A startling example of this is Skype running in the background on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and generating up to six times more signaling than on a LG G2 smartphone. So what? Well, … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter:@akdayama Noisy neighbors can be very annoying! I am not talking about social problems here, but the issue of intercell interference between adjacent network cells. It’s a common problem, with interference at the boundary between nearby cells causing low throughput and a poor mobile … Continue reading

Where do you use LTE?

This blog is by Leslie Shannon from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 Here’s a quiz.  Which one of these location types regularly tops the LTE usage volume charts in cities, regardless of whether it’s in a mature, emerging, or transition market? A)     Commercial office building clusters B)     Hospitals C)     Airports When rolling out a … Continue reading

This blog is by Karl-Josef Friederichs at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Harmonized spectrum is the prime real estate for mobile broadband today. In order to cope with the accelerated traffic increase over the next years, accessing large amounts of new spectrum will be key. Network operators will need new spectrum allocations and new ways … Continue reading

This blog is by Arne Schaelicke, LTE Product Marketing at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets With Mobile World Congress 2014 being just a few days away, everybody in our industry has his or her own thoughts about what the dominating topics this year will be. Over the recent years, LTE has been adopted by … Continue reading

This blog is by Leslie Shannon at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 Ah, KPI’s… There’s a sea of available network measurements out there telling us how often calls are dropped, which bits of the network are in trouble, etc. They are really fabulous for managing a network from a technical point of view, but not so … Continue reading

This blog is by Noora Lindblad at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @noolindb There’s no lack of excitement in the run-up to Mobile World Congress 2014! On January 29, GSMA announced that NSN and Telefonica O2 UK are shortlisted for the GSMA Awards in the category “Best Mobile Infrastructure”. The joint entry was for our … Continue reading

This blog is by Subhagata Mukherjee, head of Customer Marketing and External Communication, India Region, at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @MukherjeeSubho It was a proud moment when NSN’s India Region head, Sandeep Girotra, went on stage to accept the award of “Top Managed Services Company in India” for the third year in a row … Continue reading

This blog is by Teemu Mäkinen at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @teemujmakinen There are a LOT of mobile devices out there today, from hand-held to machine-to-machine (M2M), and all of them pose different requirements for operators’ Evolved Packet Core (EPC) networks. The key for a profitable EPC network is to support all customer segment requirements simultaneously. … Continue reading

This blog is by Volker Held, head of Industry Landscape at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @V_Held Operators spend about 10% of their revenue on operating, managing and optimizing networks. That’s already high enough, but networks are becoming even more complex and difficult to manage. New devices, applications and radio access technologies (RAT), not to mention small cells … Continue reading

5G – beyond the hype

This blog is by Volker Held, head of Industry Landscape at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @V_Held Based on the 5G related announcements and even some claims about market-ready 5G products last year, you could get the impression that the fifth mobile generation is already ripe for launch. This obviously isn’t the case since 5G standardization hasn’t … Continue reading

This blog is by Kevin Pang at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Talk about an exciting run up to the Chinese New Year! During the past few weeks, NSN has collected three industry awards in China in recognition of its innovation and leadership in TD technology, including its pioneering work over the past 15 years … Continue reading

This blog is by Danial Mausoof, head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Australia and New Zealand at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @dmausoof Emergency warning systems gained a renewed importance globally when a quarter of a million lives were lost to the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Today, operators in Japan, India and the … Continue reading

This blog is by Andrew Burrell at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AndyBurrell They are coming. They cause chaos and destruction. They don’t care about the devastation that they leave in their wake. They multiply day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and minute-by-minute, sucking the life out of communities. There’s nothing you can do to stop them. Run – … Continue reading

LTE performance matters more than features

This blog is by Marc Rouanne, EVP of Mobile Broadband at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets It’s fascinating to see Current Analysis advising operators to focus more on performance than a long list of features in their choice of LTE vendor. In the latest Current Analysis advisory report*, Ed Gubbins, senior analyst, Mobile Access … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Most early LTE roll outs tended to favor Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD-LTE), with Time Division Duplexing (TD-LTE) technology being almost ignored in some markets. But that’s changing fast as TD-LTE gains ground, either as a first choice for … Continue reading

This blog is by Claudio Frascoli at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @pro_frasca In the aftermath of revelations about NSA covert data collection practices in the US, it is no surprise that privacy has become a major concern for any industry dealing with customers’ data – and telecommunications is no exception. A customer in Asia recently shared its … Continue reading

This blog post is by Ritva Siltanen at Nokia Solutions and Networks. On Twitter @rittis. 2013 was a year of positive and fundamental changes for NSN – and it has been truly exciting to share our stories on Twitter and other social media channels with all of you. In addition to the official company account … Continue reading

This blog is by Anders Kager at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @YearofTiger Talk about a party! Korea was the place to be at the end of October with back-to-back mega events: the K-Pop concert on 25.10.2013 followed by the Busan International Fireworks on 26.10.2013. NSN was on hand again behind the scenes, as sole … Continue reading

10 Blogs to remember from 2013

This blog is by Heather Ross-Sirola at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @rosssiro Season’s greetings loyal readers!  In case you missed them the first time around, here are our some of our most popular NSN blogs from 2013.  We opted for the typical measure of popularity based on how many times a post has been … Continue reading

This blog is by Hossein Moiin at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Sprint, NSN showcase 1.3Gbps over TDD-LTE Being in the Silicon Valley, often to check out the latest innovations from our North America research and innovation teams, is one of my favorite parts of the job. This time was even more exciting as … Continue reading

Santa at the speed of 5G?

This blog is by Tarmo Virki at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @virki Every December, all mothers and fathers of young children have to find answers to the burning question – how on earth can Santa visit all the children of the world in just one night? One Santa, one evening, billions of homes – Mission Impossible? Math cannot explain … Continue reading

This blog is by Volker Held, head of Industry Landscape at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @V_Held Whether you’re a consumer running a household, or a firm running a business, energy bills only ever seem to head one way – north. Not only are energy prices rising, but mobile broadband operators face other pressures (albeit positive ones … Continue reading

NSN’s latest launches unwrapped

This blog is by Heather Ross-Sirola at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @rosssiro Because a picture is worth a thousand words… we’re going to give your eyes a rest and provide a snapshot view of our latest innovations that will help you make money with mobile broadband. With 6 billion* mobile phones in action around the world, … Continue reading

This blog is by Anna-Kaarina Pietilä at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AnnaPietil The season of gift-giving is upon us. Many people will soon be opening shiny new smartphones and coming to grips with lots of lovely apps. This makes it even more vital that you can deliver top quality smartphone performance for your mobile broadband subscribers. … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Nokia Solutions Networks continues its thought leadership in TD-LTE at the recent Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) workshop in Bangkok. By driving the innovation in TD-LTE for 1000x capacity, NSN aims to make TD-LTE one of the leading technologies for … Continue reading

This post is by Lars Lagerström from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @LarsLagerstrom Do you stop reading when you see the word “process”? Well, you’re not alone. My eyes used to glaze over too, but then I saw the light. I was at a trade show and walked over to see what my friend was … Continue reading

This blog is by Anders Kager at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Singapore, December 5th, 2013: Pop the champagne corks – NSN received the “CEM Innovation of the Year” award at Telecom Asia’s 6th Annual Readers’ Choice & Innovation Awards ceremony. The winning solution The spotlight was on NSN’s Dashboard Solution for Unified Network … Continue reading

This blog is by Anna-Kaarina Pietilä at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AnnaPietil Oh, the sheer joy of using a super-fast mobile broadband connection! Whether you’ve already rolled out LTE or are planning to do so, you can expect your customers to love using the new speed of mobile broadband. Balancing the load between HSPA … Continue reading

This blog is by Deepti Arora, Vice President, Quality, and Executive Board Member, NSN. Twitter: @NSNtweets      In 1990, the United Nations introduced “World Quality Day” to increase worldwide awareness of the value that Quality Management brings to organizations and countries.  On November 14, social media was buzzing with “Happy World Quality Day” greetings from individuals, … Continue reading

NSN on a TD-LTE winning streak

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, Head of TD-LTE Marketing at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @akdayama At any given time, you may be Whatsapping with your friends, tweeting with high definition images, downloading movies, uploading photos of new decor for your kitchen, or watching your grandkids’ 5K run from a distant country. Chances are, … Continue reading

This is a guest blog by Eric Levander, Director of Network Infrastructure Competence Centre, Intel Corp.   Twitter: @NSNtweets On Nov 7, 2013, Intel ran a successful Internet of Things (IoT) press event in central London where it described the overarching vision of the end-to-end solution of IoT implementation and the opportunity it offers. NSN was … Continue reading

This blog is by Sandra Pierini at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @sandra_pierini Did you know that by 2017, the average smartphone will generate a huge 2.7 GB of traffic per month, an 8-fold increase from 2012? Only two years later, smartphone traffic will be 19 times greater than it is today*. These figures certainly support our view … Continue reading

With 11% market share plus another single digit share from our partner also selected by China Mobile, NSN won the largest non-Chinese vendor share in the recent massive TD-LTE tender. NSN got selected by China Mobile in 17 provinces in China including 9 out of top 10 provinces ranked by GDP. In terms of population, … Continue reading

This blog is by Elisa Saari at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @SaariElisa In early November, we had the opportunity to interview Caroline Chappel, a Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, about her views on OSS Assurance. Among the hot topics covered were the role of service quality management, the importance of service performance knowledge, and … Continue reading

This blog is by Leslie Shannon at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 Yesterday I was talking to one of our LTE customers in Europe. It launched LTE but has had disappointing take-up, with less than 1% of its total customer base taking up the service within the first six months. Okay, I said, let’s take a look … Continue reading

This blog is by Anna-Kaarina Pietilä  at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AnnaPietil People are uploading photos to social media like crazy. Instagram users have shared 16 billion photos since its 2010 launch. Every day, people place 350 million photos on average on Facebook, and the company claims 78% of its US users are mobile users. And that … Continue reading

This blog is by Jai Thattil at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @JThattil One of our customers, a tier 1 global operator in Europe with 15+ global affiliates, is certainly playing its CEM cards right. With the help of our CEM Umbrella Solution, it analyzed 80+ reports and several use cases in order to compare and benchmark its performance in … Continue reading

This blog is written by Carlijn Adema at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @CarlijnAdema I often have a desire to leave the city and escape to the countryside. Clean air for the kids, great views of England’s rolling hills… However, like many of you in Telecoms, I work from home on a regular basis – and … Continue reading

This blog is by Sari Kivinen, head of Security Marketing at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @s_kivinen ata security is a hotly debated topic these days, so it’s no surprise that the recent Light Reading webinar on “Secure LTE: A Revenue Opportunity for Operators” was a big draw. Nils Ahrlich (head of Security Services for … Continue reading

5 key ingredients to build your telco cloud

This blog is by Volker Held at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Cloud computing has been a mega-trend in the IT industry for several years, and the telecommunications industry is now moving to the cloud as well. Rather than quickly jumping on the bandwagon, it’s important to consider the very stringent requirements needed to build your telco cloud. … Continue reading

This post is by Lars Lagerström at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @LarsLagerstrom Like most of your peers, you too are probably exploring ways to introduce service management and customer experience management in your operations center. Maybe you would like to do this as an extension to your existing Network Operations Center (NOC) or maybe … Continue reading

This blog is written by Andrew Burrell at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AndyBurrell NSN recently released a paper charting two decades of innovation in Network Planning and Optimization which resulted in 55 patents: NPO Innovation Journey This started me thinking about how different the world – and in particular telecoms – was 20 years ago… … Continue reading

This blog is written by Rajeev Ranjan at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Customer segmentation is a basic exercise and well-known discipline used to understand customers and identify opportunities. Over the years, traditional segmentation approaches have evolved and broadened based on demographics, loyalty, payment, revenue needs or profitability – or a combination of these. … Continue reading

This blog is by Jai Thattil of Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @JThattil With the help of NSN’s CEM Service Suite, a tier 1 operator in Asia Pacific realized an ROI of around €7 million within the first 3 months of operationalizing CEM with a total projected value of €40.5 million per year. Another tier 1 … Continue reading

This blog is by Natália Yoshie at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Proudly presenting: NSN was just elected “The Most Admired Company in Brazil” in the category of Telecommunications Equipment. The award is given by CartaCapital magazine as a result of a survey made with over 1,300 key executives that evaluated companies in all … Continue reading

This blog is by Leslie Shannon of Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 “My market isn’t ready for LTE.”  “We don’t have Netflix here, so there’s no point in launching LTE.”  “We rolled out a few LTE base stations, but take-up hasn’t been impressive, so we’re scaling back our LTE investment.” These are all statements … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, Global TDD LTE and LTE Marketing @akdayama Imagine downloading a typical two hour movie in eight seconds or downloading a 45 minute TV show in about one second. Or, how about downloading a friend’s vacation video clip in a fraction of a second? Yes, that is what you can … Continue reading

This blog is by Rick Corker, executive vice president and president of North America It’s been an exciting week for NSN with a number of significant contract announcements, including a major one for North America – a TD-LTE win with Sprint. On Wednesday, I was with the team in Silicon Valley for the Sprint Spark … Continue reading

  This blog is by Perry Suojoki from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @PerrySuojoki Our software developers have been busy innovating. Thanks to their efforts, we’ve been able to launch some great new ways for operators to both balance and add more traffic to WCDMA / LTE networks, and improve the efficiency of refarming GSM frequencies, … Continue reading

This blog is by Anna-Kaarina Pietilä at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AnnaPietil Big events are impressive experiences! Whether you’re watching your favorite pop superstar, following your team in the cup final, or attending a major cultural festival, the companionship of the crowd, the play on the field, or the sheer joy of being where … Continue reading

This blog is by Subhagata Mukherjee at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @MukherjeeSubho We’re celebrating! NSN just won the award for “Innovation in Managed Services” for our portfolio of Service Operations & Management at the Aegis Graham Bell Award in New Delhi, India on 25th October. This is important recognition of the fact that today, … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing for Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Greetings from Rio, the site of GTI’s (Global TD-LTE Initiative) first Latin America event, which attracted operators such as China Mobile, SKY, On Telecommunications, Softbank along with several vendors. Coincidently, Brazil is also the site of Latin America’s … Continue reading

This blog is by Leslie Shannon of Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 “How can I monetize LTE?” – That’s one of the most common questions I hear, both from our operator customers and the industry at large. The asker is usually seeking information about key LTE market segments, or maybe about new services that … Continue reading

This blog is by Noora Lindblad at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @noolindb Good news is always worth sharing and here it is: O2 UK achieved a reduction of 10,000 manual tasks a month after implementing NSN OSS automation services. This is a big deal! Like virtually all Network Operation Centers, O2 UK has to … Continue reading

This blog is by Ismo Matilainen of Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets It wasn’t so much a case of “seeing is believing” as one of “hearing is believing” when NSN recently showed its updated and enhanced live demonstration of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology at an operator’s offices in the UK. The new, improved … Continue reading

This blog is by Sukhpreet Sandhu at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @suSandhu Pretty much everyone understands there’s only one direction mobile traffic volumes are heading – upwards and fast. We’re moving towards the gigabyte future, where each user will routinely download 1Gb per day. Preparing to work in this new world requires solutions that … Continue reading

This blog is by Harry Kuosa at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter:@harkuo Just as the mixer is the core part of any DJ setup, radio access technology is the core of operator networks. Both have soared in complexity, but are key to maintaining control. For operators, the deployment of LTE alongside existing GSM and HSPA … Continue reading

This blog is by Carlijn Adema at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @CarlijnAdema Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a fast train and work online as the world whizzes past your window? That way, travel wouldn’t eat up your work day. When travelling short distances in Europe, I’d actually prefer a high speed … Continue reading

This blog is by Stephanie Werner at Nokia Solutions and Networks. @NSNtweets  NSN recently launched an international graduate trainee program in the company’s Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) organization. We are delighted to have this exciting new program which attracts great talent to NSN worldwide. The International Graduate Trainee Program in Finance (IGTP) team welcomes the Master graduates in … Continue reading

This blog is by Marc Rouanne, EVP Mobile Broadband, at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets  Paris has long been known as the City of Light and as the City of Love, but on Saturday, September 21, 2013, it received a new sobriquet as the City of LTE. SFR has launched its commercial LTE service … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing for Nokia Solutions and Networks. @akdayama On August 27, China Mobile and TDIA (TD Industry Alliance) organized a live TD-LTE multi-city video call event between Beijing, Fuzhou (both in China) and Taizhong (Taiwan). NSN’s TD-LTE network in Fujian province enabled this major video event and was attended by Mr. Xi Guohua, Chairman of … Continue reading

This blog is by Volker Held, head of Industry Landscape at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Yes, they can. Even before operators start the process of implementing 5G, they have many opportunities to provide up to 1000 times more capacity. To find out how, register for the on-demand version of our latest NSN Technology … Continue reading

This blog is by Sandro Tavares, Head of Marketing for Mobile Core at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @stavares21 As a Brazilian living in America, I’m always happy when my business travels take me to Latin America. On a recent trip to the region, I was struck by the potential offered by our new solution—Liquid … Continue reading

This is a guest blog by Philip Hickey, VP of Marketing at Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Twitter: @biggfill Today, Rovio Entertainment Ltd released Angry Birds Star Wars II for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices worldwide, with the biggest line-up ever of new characters in an Angry Birds* game. Angry Birds Star Wars II is … Continue reading

This post is by Lars Lagerström from NSN – Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @LarsLagerstrom  “More examples please… and let’s hear how you use Reference Architecture at NSN!”  Over the last few months, I’ve been happily blogging and fueling debate about the renaissance in Reference Architechture. In previous blogs, I’ve talked about why it makes … Continue reading

This blog is by Gerald Reddig, head of Smart Labs Marketing from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @GeraldReddig Recent OTT service outages in cloud service provided by Google hit mobile operator radio access networks with an unexpectedly high signaling load. Online services rely entirely on the service availability in large data centers provided by Google, … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing for Nokia Solutions and Networks Twitter: @akdayama Nokia Solutions and Networks continues to innovate for the globalization and commercialization of TD-LTE. Our recent ad hoc seminar at the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) in Tokyo was testament to this with a spotlight on 3.5 GHz TD-LTE … Continue reading

This blog is by Justin Nacar from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @JustSmok NSN was recently positioned by Gartner Inc. in the “Leaders” quadrant of the “Magic Quadrant for LTE Network Infrastructure 2013”.  We believe this rating shows that we are among the top three global network suppliers best positioned to support a mobile operator’s … Continue reading

This post is by Stephane Daeuble from Nokia Solutions and Networks Twitter: @stephanedaeuble Imagine providing 4-10 Mbps HD video services for all your users.Sound implausible? Well, in a few short years, all operators in all mobile markets could be doing just that. How are operators to provide this level of service to all subscribers everywhere, … Continue reading

This blog is by Rob McManus from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Greetings from the Intel Developer Forum (IDF 10-12.9.2013) in San Francisco, where we’ve been invited to promote Liquid Applications as part of our ongoing collaboration with Intel. The IDF is an event where technologists can collaborate with all of the key industry … Continue reading

This blog is by Stephan Litjens from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Three cheers to all three mobile operators in Korea on their successful commercial launch this summer of the world’s first LTE-Advanced networks. It’s the start of a veritable speed revolution now that SK Telecom, LG U+ and KT have switched on LTE-A connectivity as … Continue reading

This blog is by Adnan Kureshy from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @adnankureshy During the special month of Ramadan, NSN’s Middle East & Asia team organized a series of events in Saudi Arabia and UAE to demonstrate the first live Voice over LTE calls (VoLTE) in the region. During the event, over 200 operator customers experienced … Continue reading

Moody’s upgrade

It’s great to see that Moody’s Investors Service just upgraded us to B1 from B2. I’m particularly pleased to see that Moody’s recognizes  ‘the strongly positive trend in NSN’s operating performance and its potentially improved financial flexibility upon closing of Nokia’s deal with Microsoft’. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual at NSN , as we keep our … Continue reading

This blog is by Iris Heinonen from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @irisheinonen I haven’t figured out how I will use Google Glass, but I know it will drive data traffic. The first wave of testers are already streaming their skydives and broadcasting eye surgery. They are sharing what they see, voice texting messages, recording … Continue reading

This blog was written by Darrell Davies at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @DCD269 Have you looked in your equipment rooms lately? Today’s multiple mobile technologies and the physical space for each of the required legacy network controllers often mean that equipment rooms are either already full or at least quickly running out of available space.  … Continue reading

This blog is by Carol DeMatteo, external communications for North America Twitter: @CarolDeMatteo Innovation is always top of mind at NSN. It’s about thinking differently to solve our customers’ challenges. So, it was particularly exciting when NSN was recently recognized for its Liquid Applications innovation by winning the Tech Titans Corporate Innovation award, presented by … Continue reading

This blog is by Wolfgang Nagel from NSN. Twitter: @NSNtweets Without any doubt, railways are one of the greenest ways to travel, especially compared to cars and planes. To increase passenger numbers and improve the travel experience, railway operators in Europe and around the globe are investing heavily in high-speed rail. As trains become faster and … Continue reading

This blog is by Bob Fennelly, Head of Government and Public Safety As the U.S. embarks on an ambitious effort to build a nationwide LTE network for public safety first responders, important lessons are already available from pilot deployments around the country. These systems – many delivered by NSN and its public safety partners – … Continue reading

Europe on holiday with LTE

This blog is by Arne Schaelicke, LTE product marketing manager at NSN. Twitter: @NSNtweets Summertime - throughout Europe, it offers the chance to take the longest holiday breaks of the year, to relax at the seaside, hike in the mountains, or take in some sightseeing. I certainly hope everyone had or is having an enjoyable holiday … Continue reading

This blog is by Iris Heinonen, head of Innovation Marketing. Twitter: ‏@irisheinonen The challenges our industry faces are well known and widely discussed. Traffic, complexity, and customer expectations for the ultimate personal gigabyte experience all continue to grow. When we announced the NSN Technology Vision 2020 in June, we wanted to share how we plan … Continue reading

By Chantal Boeckman from Industry Analyst Relations at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @chantalboeckman Please note: After the report came out, we changed our company name to Nokia Solutions and Networks. We at NSN have set ourselves the goal of being the unequivocal No. 1 mobile broadband specialist for operators delivering mobile services to its … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Nainwal at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NainwalAshish Quality is the sum of many factors and covers many key areas, from quality management to information security and environmental management. NSN’s Global Delivery Centers (GDCs), located in Portugal and India, work hard to make sure all quality criteria are in place. … Continue reading

This blog is by Vishal Agnihotri from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @v_agnihotri  An advanced software feature from NSN has enabled a major European operator to deploy 3G in its existing 900 MHz frequency band used for GSM services, while at the same time safeguarding – and even improving – the quality of its GSM … Continue reading

This blog is by Leslie Shannon from NSN. Twitter: @lshannon45 The other day I saw an intriguing set of results from a survey that one of our operator customers conducted with its subscribers. We all know that people value factors such as network quality, coverage, handset selection, content, etc. We also know that they tend … Continue reading

This blog is by Harri Holma of the Nokia Siemens Networks Radio research team in Finland. Twitter: @NokiaSiemensNet It has been a couple of years since Nokia Siemens Networks started to use the term Smart Scheduler in the context of LTE. The scheduler is the piece of software within the base station that allocates frequency … Continue reading

This post is by Lars Lagerström from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @LarsLagerstrom “Where and how have you used Reference Architecture?” This is by far the most frequently asked question following our previous blog post on this topic. But let’s back up and answer why we need a Reference Architecture in the first place? Ultimately, the … Continue reading

This blog post is by Yuhong Chen from Nokia Siemens Networks Twitter: @NokiaSiemensNet  Nokia Siemens Networks has been ranked No.1 in China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network performance and professional services evaluation (PE) for all vendors. The operator has been running the PE since the beginning of 2010 and conducts the evaluation each quarter. Nokia Siemens Networks’ … Continue reading

This blog is by Riina Luoma at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @RLuoma Imagine being in a remote location when an unexpected natural catastrophe occurs. Many people around the world can face this situation. This is when telecoms infrastructure saves lives.  On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Up to 29,000 … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing for Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Nokia Siemens Networks continues to innovate for the globalization and commercialization of TD-LTE. At the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), our recent workshop in Shanghai was about the innovation in multiple antenna technology base station products and TD-LTE as a … Continue reading

This blog is by Elisa Saari at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @SaariElisa Does this sound like a familiar scenario: all network KPIs are on green, but at the same time, customer care is flooded with complaints that YouTube is too slow? One of our customers, a leading European operator, certainly thought yes and wanted to … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing for Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Given all the buzz about TD-LTE, the casual observer could be excused for thinking this cutting-edge technology has crept up on us overnight. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In actual fact, Nokia Siemens Networks has devoted more … Continue reading

This blog is by Andy Burrell at Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @AndyBurrell There are some things that you truly cannot change: • It always rains during Wimbledon • Toast lands butter-side-down • And a radio signal at 900 MHz will travel further, and deeper into buildings than one at a higher frequency Radio spectrum … Continue reading

This blog is by Gerald Reddig at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @GeraldReddig Over-the-top voice providers like Skype have enjoyed a free run at the market for years. But typical OTT voice services fall short, offering poor voice quality and leaving the user with a smartphone battery lifespan that not even a fruit fly would envy. … Continue reading

This blog is by Sukhpreet Sandhu at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @suSandhu We’ve all seen them – radio masts that seem to sprout new antennas and modules daily. Technologies and bandwidths proliferate, squeezing the available space. As it becomes scarcer, operators need compact radio solutions if they are to use this resource efficiently and effectively. … Continue reading

This blog is by Leslie Shannon at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 The Wall Street Journal caused a bit of a flurry in North America a couple months ago with its report that ESPN was in talks with “a major operator” about the possibility of subsidizing its customers’ mobile data. Nothing is official or commercial … Continue reading

This blog is by Carlijn Adema at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @CarlijnAdema Fireworks photo by Anna Langova Times Square, New York – During lunch hour, smartphone users are not always able to send emails on their mobile phones or watch videos. Most mobile networks in New York already have multiple technologies in place including LTE, … Continue reading

This blog is by Volker Held at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @NokiaSiemensNet The winner of the Innovation Award:  Racana.  Amit Sternberg CEO of Racana with the award together with Hossein and representative members from the jury. In the picture, from left to right:  Meir Cohen, Ajit Kahaduwe, Hossein Moiin, Amit Sternberg – CEO Racana, Yair … Continue reading

This blog is by Perry Suojoki at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @PerrySuojoki The UK’s Gravelly Hill Interchange, nicknamed ‘Spaghetti Junction’, is infamous nationally. Is it the world’s most complicated road system? Or perhaps that honor belongs to the Puxi Viaduct in Shanghai, or the Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange in Los Angeles? Anyway, however convoluted these … Continue reading

This blog is by Claudio Frascoli at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @pro_frasca The reports that Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign relied heavily on big data insight clearly ramped up the hype about big data. If big data can be decisive in the election of the President of theUnited States, then it would seem the sky’s … Continue reading

This blog is by Anna-Kaarina Pietilä at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @AnnaPietil Americans owning a smartphone now outnumber Americans not owning one. According to a report published on June 5 by the Pew Research Center, 56% of all American adults are now smartphone adopters, with 35% owning a mobile that’s not a smartphone. The Pew … Continue reading

This blog is by Iris Heinonen at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @irisheinonen How big is 1 gigabyte (GB)? One answer is 8,589,934,592 bits. Sure sounds like a lot. Another answer is just 30 minutes of streaming high definition video over an LTE connection. Now that doesn’t sound like much, does it? Not even half a … Continue reading

This blog is by Neil Thorley at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @NokiaSiemensNet Many tier one operators in Europe have roughly the same number of operations staff that they had when they first deployed GSM. Now, more than ten years later, mobile networks have changed significantly. Operators are managing complex heterogeneous networks that often have three or … Continue reading

This post is by Teemu Mäkinen, Nokia Siemens Networks Portfolio Marketing team. Twitter: @teemujmakinen We all know congestion on networks is getting worse – with many millions of smartphones each with dozens of data hungry apps, it was bound to happen. And unlimited data plans don’t exactly help either. But do you know what makes … Continue reading

This blog is by Jaakko Huuhtanen at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @NokiaSiemensNet What do exploding black holes and Wi-Fi have in common? The answer is an Australian engineer, Dr John O’Sullivan. The story goes that while researching ways to detect short-lived cosmological events using radio astronomy, Dr O’Sullivan led a team to develop and then … Continue reading

This blog is by Milla Seppala at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @MiSeppala Our latest video features an interview with Vodafone New Zealand, describing the background to the recent launch of the operator’s 4G network in Auckland. The video covers the reasons for Vodafone New Zealand opting for Nokia Siemens Networks, who sealed the deal with best … Continue reading

On the road to 5G

This blog is by Johanna Harjula at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @JohannaHarjula 5G seems to be the topic of the moment. I’m not even using 4G myself yet, so it seems like a far off subject. Then again, 7 years ago Facebook was only just opening up to the public and iPhone was yet to … Continue reading

This blog is by Justin Nacar at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @JustSmok The network operations director of a large European operator was facing an increasing number of trouble tickets in the network operations center (NOC), while a company-wide redundancy program was in the pipeline. Rather than opting for the quick-fix option of outsourcing the needed … Continue reading

This blog is by Gerald Reddig from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @GeraldReddig Smart Labs conducted a recent study to evaluate the behavior of the popular video streaming service Netflix and video call service Skype over a QoS (Quality of Service) enabled LTE Network. Bottom line: QoS differentiation can dramatically improve the viewer experience. Skype and … Continue reading

This blog is by Liisa Sareela at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @NokiaSiemensNet Celebrating another award, Nokia Siemens Networks’ factory in Chennai, India received the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award in the category of ‘Large Scale Manufacturing Industry’. These awards are presented annually by the Bureau of Indian Standards to encourage manufacturing and service organizations to … Continue reading

Oops, the service is down again

This blog is by Noora Lindblad from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @noolindb If customers call to complain that Youtube is running slowly, they often assume it’s the operator’s fault. In situations like this, it’s crucial for the operator to pinpoint immediately if the problem actually is with their network or with the YouTube server. And if … Continue reading

This blog is by Jane Rygaard from Nokia Siemens Networks marketing. Twitter: @janerygaard The Global Telecoms Business Innovation awards ceremony on June 4th in London was definitely something to write home about! Together with our customers we won three operator customer awards in the “Wireless network infrastructure innovation” category. But pictures speak louder than words … Continue reading

This post is by Chantal Boeckman from the Nokia Siemens Networks Industry & Analyst team. Twitter: @chantalbnsn ABI Research, a market intelligence company specializing in global technology markets, recently gave Nokia Siemens Networks top marks in the firm’s Macro Base Station Vendors Competitive Assessment. Compared to our closest peers, we ranked number one with high scores … Continue reading

Help Joe with his battery woes

This blog is by Perry Suojoki from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @PerrySuojoki Tackle smartphone signaling with new Software Suite Say hello to Joe. He’s just turned 17 and like most teenagers, he is virtually wedded to his smartphone. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online games, Joe loves it all. In fact he can’t live without it now … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama, head of TD-LTE Marketing for Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Spectrum sharing took a leap forward on April 25th with the worlds’ first spectrum sharing trial of ASA (Authorized Shared Access) on a live 2.3GHz TD-LTE network. The trial was conducted by the CORE+ consortium*, where Nokia Siemens Networks … Continue reading

On Monday May 27, CEO Rajeev Suri was part of a very small group of German top business leaders who met with the Premier of China, Mr. Li Keqiang for a personal exchange. This meeting took place during Li Keqiang’s first visit to Germany since he took office as China’s Premier this March. Rajeev joined … Continue reading

This blog is by Leslie Shannon from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 There were two trends that really jumpstarted the use of mobile data. The first was all the app-loaded smartphones such as the iPhone, and the second was unlimited data plans on fast 3G+ networks. With no worries about running out of data, smartphone … Continue reading

This blog is written by Sari Kivinen, head of Security Marketing at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @s_kivinen The results of the 2013 Acquisition & Retention Study Report* are a good indication of how important security has become. In all markets globally, security was among the top 3 priorities for new services among the 8700 respondents … Continue reading

This blog post is by Chantal Boeckman at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: ‏@ChantalbNSN Gartner has issued its first-ever Gartner Vendor Rating of Nokia Siemens Networks, rating the telecommunications company “Positive”, the second highest rating of five levels. We feel the “Positive” rating is a clear step up from a “Promising” rating in the 2012 Nokia … Continue reading

Victoria Main will join Nokia Siemens Networks as head of media relations, effective June 5, 2013. She will report to Barry French, head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs (MCA), and join the MCA leadership team. She will be based in London, UK. Victoria, a New Zealander with French nationality, will join Nokia Siemens Networks from … Continue reading

This blog post is by Iris Heinonen, head of innovation marketing at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: ‏@irisheinonen They’re both dedicated to finding that match made in database heaven. Sound a little far-fetched?  Not anymore! Introducing IT-based technology: an innovation that is redefining the mobile broadband experience through applications and services that exploit information from within … Continue reading

This blog is written by Sandro Tavares, head of Mobile Core Marketing Twitter: @stavares21 “This year’s COMET awards submissions illustrated the height of technical innovation. The submissions by Nokia Siemens Networks depicted how the industry is moving forward together to address real-world issues and improve the end-customer experience. As the winner of the Editors’ Choice award … Continue reading

This blog is by Ricardo Silva, global corporate marketing manager at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @rsilva33 For U.S. wireless providers today, acquiring new customers is one thing; but actually retaining them is another. A variety of factors goes into customers’ decisions about which service provider will garner their loyalty, and it can be difficult for them to … Continue reading

OpenFlow for software defined networking, wireless mesh, distributed hierarchical caching, adaptive bit-rate streaming… The list could go on, but the common denominator for these terms in this context is the development of new network architectures and connectivity concepts for the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network. So why should you care? The smartphone you’re holding in … Continue reading

This blog is by Gerald Reddig from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @GeraldReddig Nokia Siemens Networks Smart Labs and Aalto University in Finland teamed up to investigate how and why video streaming drains smartphone batteries, which is a critical factor in user satisfaction. Mobile video consumption continues to show huge growth. Sandvine reported that YouTube is … Continue reading

This blog is by Jason Chung and Asha Hemrajani from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @ahemrajani The pioneering work of the Korean operators, Korea Telecom, LG U+ and SK Telecom, is providing an example for other countries to follow. In 2012, South Korea achieved a number of ‘firsts’. It was the first country where all mobile … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Seeing was believing at MWC One of our red carpet moments at Mobile World Congress this year was the live demo of our latest TD-LTE innovation: the world’s first data traffic offloading between TD-LTE and FDD-LTE service.  The demonstration utilized Nokia Siemens Networks’ … Continue reading

This blog is by Heather Ross-Sirola from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @rosssiro The global LTE adoption rate is off the charts and growing faster than any preceding network technology. Prioritizing a successful rollout is therefore essential as the pay-off for operators can be staggering. Case in point: with Nokia Siemens Networks LTE products in place, … Continue reading

This blog is by Harri Holma from Nokia Siemens Networks. Despite so much of our entertainment going online, popular events, such as sports games, pop concerts and cultural festivals still manage to draw huge crowds. But what has changed is the bringing together of these virtual and physical worlds, made possible by the rise of … Continue reading

This post is by Ashish Dayama from Nokia Siemens Networks. Photo: Liu Junfeng for China Daily ‘TD-LTE Here and Now’ was the hot ticket during the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Summit in Barcelona on February 26, 2013. Nokia Siemens Networks’ CEO, Rajeev Suri, delivered his keynote speech on the topic and China Daily was quick … Continue reading

LTE in the palm of your hand

This post is by Leslie Shannon from the Nokia Siemens Networks Solutions & Regions Marketing team. Twitter: @lshannon45 Let’s try a little word association test.  I say a word, and you respond with the first word that comes into your mind.  Ready?  Okay, let’s go. Me:  “LTE.” You:  “Data.” Me:   “Device.” You:  “Dongle.” Okay, whether … Continue reading

This blog post is written buy Guy Attar, head of Innovation at Nokia Siemens Networks Israel There are many ways to innovate in a high tech industry. Of course you need to look ahead of current trends and develop ideas inside the company and turn them into reality by powerful R&D capabilities. This is what we have done … Continue reading

This post is by Liron Golan, head of CEM Portfolio Marketing, from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @liron12g   Churn is on the rise. The first results from the Nokia Siemens Networks global Acquisition & Retention study show that more than one third of the customers is likely to leave their providers in the next 12 months, an increase of almost … Continue reading

Say goodbye to network complexity

This post is by Karen Kimball from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @Kimbakar * 80% faster service activation; 57% fewer service-related complaints * SGSN upgrades in days instead of months! * Rollout of 8,000 sites per month for commercial LTE service * 40% less resource-related OPEX for network operations The twitter feed told the story at … Continue reading

This post is by Karen Kimball from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @Kimbakar “Liquid Radio upgrade frees more broadband,” says Gadget. “Liquid Radio software reduces spectrum demand by 35%”, says Telecom Lead. “And unveils radio heads aimed at spectrum refarming”, says Telecom Lead. “It tackles overload with base station smarts,” says CIO. To learn more about … Continue reading

Measured latencies today and in the future

This blog post is by Ossi Pollanen, senior consultant from our Technology and Innovation unit New devices turn on and off within a blink of the eye. And similarly applications within those devices turn on and off instantly. Why should the users wait for several seconds when establishing their internet connection or downloading a web page? … Continue reading

This post is by Heather Ross-Sirola from Nokia Siemens Networks. Small cells coupled with smart Wi-Fi have the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the wireless industry.  That was the word on the street at MWC 2013, as mobile operators seek cost effective solutions to address booming traffic capacity demands and provide the best … Continue reading

This post is by Kathy Wiesner from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @kathywiesner  In the latest IDC MarketScape report, IDC ranked Nokia Siemens Networks as an LTE “Leader” based on our capabilities to serve operator needs today and our long-term alignment with operator strategies. According to IDC, “Nokia Siemens Networks scored particularly high for its LTE … Continue reading

This post is by Karen Kimball from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @Kimbakar “Nokia Siemens Networks… … turns base stations into cloud servers”, says; …taps real-time network data to enhance mobile CDN”, says Total Telecom Online; …pours efforts into new ‘smart’ base stations”, Mobile Europe. There have been 100 tweets and counting and dozens of … Continue reading

This post is by Miia Toivola from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @miiatoi So you want to be a Wizard of Cells? By playing this new game from Nokia Siemens Networks, you can test your ability to run a communications network and provide the best possible subscriber experience. The new game combines all the elements of … Continue reading

This post is by Miia Toivola from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @miiatoi Ready, set, get your iPads. Elisa, the first operator to test the new interactive Wizard of Cells game from Nokia Siemens Networks, has taken the lead.  Eight volunteers brought together their operations expertise and gaming skills to advance to level 10 and beyond … Continue reading

This blog is by Liisa Sareela from Nokia Siemens Networks. Nokia Siemens Networks has achieved the status of ‘340 Club’ at QuEST (Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications) Forum for the year 2012. By the award, the QuEST Forum appreciates its’ members’ (such as Nokia Siemens Networks) support through the investment of their employees’ time … Continue reading

This blog is by Ismo Matilainen from the Nokia Siemens Networks VoLTE team. LTE and Voice are working more closely together than ever. The availability of new VoLTE-enabled smartphones and innovative solutions like Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) makes it possible to launch VoLTE services even before operators have deployed full LTE coverage. SRVCC makes … Continue reading

This post is by Douglas Daberius, head of Identity Management solutions at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @dougdaberius As the world goes digital, the same thing is happening to the world economy. In fact, digital transactions account for more than 15% of the total world economy, so $20 trillion out of $120 trillion. What does this … Continue reading

This post is by Ashish Dayama from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @akdayama Two key trends are converging to create an opportunity for TD-LTE and FDD-LTE co-existence. As they deploy their LTE networks, operators are looking for ways to provide enough capacity to meet steep data demand. At the same time, many of them have TDD … Continue reading

This post is by Leslie Shannon from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @lshannon45 Many operators around the world are wondering what kind of impact an LTE launch would have on their 3G traffic. New data from the KCC (Korea Communications Commission) about the usage of 2G, 3G and LTE in Korea from January to October 2012 … Continue reading

This post is by Bob Fennelly, head of government and public safety at Nokia Siemens Networks For many Americans, the big game last Sunday was a time to get together with family and friends to enjoy watching football and eating good food. For public safety officials in New Orleans, however, it was an opportunity to test … Continue reading

This post is by Phil Twist, head of Portfolio Marketing at Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @phil_twist Nokia Siemens Networks has been shortlisted for two Global Mobile Awards 2013, to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb 26th. With both of our entries, we demonstrate how to make networks do more – … Continue reading

This post is by Lars Lagerström from Nokia Siemens Networks. Twitter: @LarsLagerstrom Making choices is never easy and with myriad choices available in today’s world , it’s even more difficult. Finding the right pair of jeans, buying a car, or deciding on next year’s vacation all require dedicated research to find the right fit. The … Continue reading

Do you know where people are watching video? This blog post is by Iris Heinonen from the Nokia Siemens Networks innovation team. YouTube numbers are a good indicator of many trends and one is the growing dominance of mobile video, which now generates a quarter of all video traffic on the site. YouTube Head of … Continue reading

This post is by Ashish Dayama from Nokia Siemens Networks. Nokia Siemens Networks and China Mobile teamed up to ensure that millions of spectators enjoyed the best possible live TV experience at the Xiamen International Marathon. Held on January 5, 2013, the race drew more than 73,000 participants from around the world, more than twice … Continue reading

This post is by Leslie Shannon from Nokia Siemens Networks. When LTE is rolling out, one of the first questions that network planners face is: “Where should I concentrate my coverage?” Based on our initial analysis of LTE rollouts, the answer might surprise you. To get it right, the key is to understand who will … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks in partnership with Capgemini has won top honors at the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2012 in the ‘Hi Tech, Communications & Electronics’ category. Established in 1997, the initiative recognizes organizations in Europe that demonstrate excellence in their supply chain operations. Nokia Siemens Networks has been awarded for its comprehensive transformation project … Continue reading

This post is by Carlijn Adema from Nokia Siemens Networks. Do traditional network KPI’s tell the whole story? To really provide a positive customer experience, it’s not enough to know how network elements are performing. As many operators are realizing, they need to rethink their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Even if every single KPI is green, … Continue reading

This blog is by Harri Holma of the Nokia Siemens Networks Radio research team in Finland. During the past three years, LTE networks based on 3GPP Releases 8 and 9 have been launched all over the world. And in advanced markets such as South Korea, operators are preparing for the evolution to LTE-Advanced, which is … Continue reading

This post is by Sandra Pierini of Mobile Broadband Marketing at Nokia Siemens Networks. HSPA has won widespread approval as the clear winner in the mobile broadband technology market. After all, more than a billion subscribers1 and 480 commercial networks2 worldwide speak for themselves. Yet even the biggest success stories can always be improved, and … Continue reading

This blog is by Ismo Matilainen from the Nokia Siemens Networks VoLTE team. The major Japanese mobile operators were recently given the opportunity to see how Voice over LTE (VoLTE) works in practice at a Nokia Siemens Networks ‘eXperience day’ inTokyo. Nearly a hundred visitors were able to see the demonstrations of high-definition voice, chat … Continue reading

This blog is by Ismo Matilainen from the Nokia Siemens Networks VoLTE team. Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) is an increasingly important for operators and the good news is that Nokia Siemens Networks can implement it in a mobile broadband network in just four weeks. Operators need to provide CSFB to be able to utilize ultra-fast … Continue reading

This post is by Gerald Reddig from the Nokia Siemens Networks. The newly published Smart Labs booklet is packed full of the latest research results and technology application ideas, giving an insight into the exciting work being performed by Nokia Siemens Networks’ innovation facilities. The new booklet outlines research in mobile applications, mobile broadband, battery … Continue reading

Target right-time, not real-time

This post is by Joachim Seifert from the Nokia Siemens Networks. It’s not just today’s mobile communications consumers who want everything now. With customer experience management the hottest topic in the industry, operators have the impression they have to know exactly what’s going on in their networks in real-time. But is real-time data always necessary … Continue reading

Video wall bigger than a tennis court gives Bharti Airtel complete network view

This blog is by Teemu Mäkinen from the Evolved Packet Core marketing team. As mobile broadband penetration increases, the growth in signaling load will significantly outpace the corresponding rise in data traffic. We estimate that the growth in signaling will be up to 50% faster than the growth in data traffic over the next few … Continue reading

Analysts endorse #1GBperday$ campaign

This post is by Phil Twist, head of Portfolio Marketing at Nokia Siemens Networks. A recent report by Current Analysis showed that our #1Gbperday$ campaign was well understood: Recommending that operators take a look at the campaign, the report says that “Network operators should look at the comprehensiveness of Nokia Siemens Networks’ #1Gbperday$ campaign as a clear … Continue reading

This post is by Iris Heinonen from the Nokia Siemens Networks innovation team You’re on a call, and it suddenly drops. Was it the weather, your operator, network congestion or some other technical issue? There’s a long list of things we love to blame for poor wireless signals. The true culprit, which could be insulation or … Continue reading

This post is by Joachim Seifert from the Nokia Siemens Networks. Subsidizing smartphones is a common way for operators to attract and retain customers, especially in mature markets.  This is also a high cost for them, and it’s not enough to meet the demands of high value customers, who want more. They want personalized services. … Continue reading

This blog is by Stefan Kindt from the Portfolio Marketing team. Tuning capacity investments to subscriber needs is an opportunity to improve both customer satisfaction and business success. This is exactly the opportunity that Customer Experience Management (CEM) for Liquid Net addresses. Commenting on the recent launch of this offering, Seeking Alpha described how CEM … Continue reading

This post is by Leslie Shannon from the Nokia Siemens Networks Solutions & Regions Marketing team. LTE was first launched in December 2009 – just about three years ago now – and we’re starting to get enough data from the real world to show what it takes to succeed with LTE and what all of … Continue reading

This blog is by Mikko Hietanen from Nokia Siemens Networks. By 2020, mobile users will each account for 1 GB of traffic per day. And already now, there is a massive number of smartphones out there, all accessing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email at the same time. In fact, many of our operator customers tell … Continue reading

This blog is by Harith Menon from Nokia Siemens Networks. Imagine the scene: A million people gathered at a beach for a renowned annual fireworks display in Korea. As a spectacular lightshow cascaded across the sky, an estimated 300,000 of them were able to share the experience with friends and family on LTE-enabled smartphones. With … Continue reading

This blog is by Daniel Medina from Nokia Siemens Networks. Nokia Siemens Networks has won the first place in Tele.Síntese Magazine Innovation in Communications in Brazil for its Flexi Multiradio. This is a major accomplishment in which Nokia Siemens Networks was considered the vendor of the most innovative solution with our Flexi Multiradio, in a … Continue reading

This blog is by Ashish Dayama from Nokia Siemens Networks. According to analysts, China became the world’s biggest smartphone market this year. So it’s little wonder that the nation’s operators are working fast to roll out 4G networks. As we have reported earlier, China Mobile’s Beijing branch (Beijing Mobile is upgrading its TD-SCDMA (3G) network … Continue reading

This blog is by Natarajan Krishnamurthy from Nokia Siemens Networks. Customer Experience Management (CEM) has won yet another innovation award, this time in the category of “Innovative Vendor Telecom Product”. The Aegis Graham Bell Award, which Amit Dhingra, Head of Delivery for the India Region, accepted on behalf of Nokia Siemens Networks, recognizes not only the … Continue reading

One-man VoLTE roadshow in Japan

This blog is by Teemu Mäkinen from the Nokia Siemens Networks VoLTE team. Global Voice over LTE (VoLTE) expert Jukka Hongisto has been on the road sharing his expertise and the latest developments in VoLTE with operators in Japan. “Japanese operators are interested in hearing more about VoLTE. They’re asking about the maturity of VoLTE … Continue reading

This post is by Karen Kimball from the Nokia Siemens Networks Services team. By 2020, mobile users will each account for 1 GB of traffic per day. How can we continue to serve this exponential growth? Some of the answers to this challenge are covered in the first webinar of our #1GBperday$ series: “Liquid Net … Continue reading

On Wednesday October 31, 2012, Nokia Siemens Networks will hold two online webinars (identical in content) “CEM for Liquid Net: Optimize for all the right reasons”. Register for one of the sessions to hear the company outline its new approach to targeting investments and driving network planning and optimization based on insight into the every … Continue reading

This post is by Manish Chandra from the Nokia Siemens Networks Services team How can operators be sure their software assets are delivering the highest possible efficiency? Here’s a scenario that provides the answer to this question. Mr. Smith, head of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) at a large mobile operator, was looking for ways to … Continue reading

This blog post is by Iris Heinonen, head of the Nokia Siemens Networks innovation marketing team In the past, when consumers were unhappy with a product or service, they mentioned it to a friend over lunch. Today they tell the world. One-third of 18-24-year-old consumers already prefer public methods of complaint, and these high influencers … Continue reading

Man with tablet device

This blog post is by Iris Heinonen, head of innovation marketing at Nokia Siemens Networks. Every day brings a new social media record. Whether it’s 80,000 tweets and facebook posts in 5 minutes after a Yankee’s home run or 116,000 tweets per minute during the Spice Girls performance in London this summer, social media are … Continue reading

This post is by Peter Kerekes from the Nokia Siemens Networks device management team. When new smartphones like the Nokia Lumia series and iPhone 5 come on the market, device management is the hero of the moment for operators, who must manage a huge number and variety of smartphone models and other devices. Device management … Continue reading

This post is by Joachim Seifert from the Nokia Siemens Networks Portfolio Marketing team. With people increasingly able to access information and communicate wherever they are, the race is on for mobile network operators to play a significant role in the “Internet Economy.” Never before have so many people across the world had the opportunity … Continue reading

This post is by Rob McManus from the Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Core team. Operators face a growing challenge from the rising tide of Over-The-Top (OTT) content providers who provide content to subscribers, but share little or no revenue with the operators.  So how can operators buck this trend? They need the capability to deliver … Continue reading

This blog is by Subhagata Mukherjee from the Nokia Siemens Networks Services team Sometimes our personal experiences are the best lesson in why service experience matters.  Like many of you, I am a heavy user of mobile broadband services such as browsing, video, email and social applications like Facebook. Like many of you, I live … Continue reading

This blog post is by Paul Pan from the Nokia Siemens Networks team in China. On September 19, 2012, Nokia Siemens Networks successfully completed the 19th site upgrade from TD-SCDMA (3G) to TD-LTE (4G) and conducted the first TD-LTE call in the dual mode field trial network of China Mobile’s Beijing branch (Beijing Mobile). This … Continue reading

This post is by Carlijn Adema from the Nokia Siemens Networks services team. Recently, I spoke to an operator who was trying to solve urban congestion issues. Although they’d rolled out several macro layers, their subscribers still suffered from low Quality of Service due to congestion in some areas of the city. Overall there was … Continue reading

This blog post is by Gerald Reddig from the Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile Broadband team. Nokia Siemens Networks‘ Smart Lab in Seoul, South Korea, recently demonstrated a high flying proof of concept of LTE latency and performance. The team integrated an LTE USB dongle and modified firmware into an augmented reality quadricopter. Remote control of … Continue reading

LTE in the Market Today: This is not 3G

This post is by Leslie Shannon from the Nokia Siemens Networks Solutions & Regions Marketing team. When 3G was first launched nearly ten years ago, the image that many inside and outside the telecommunications industry held of the typical 3G user was of an enterprise user in a mature market with a 3G dongle on … Continue reading

This post is by Ashish Dayama from the Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile Broadband team. When operators introduce a new technology into their networks, flexibility is the key to a smooth deployment and seamless scalability. In many cases, they would like to take a phased approach, starting small with network infrastructure that is easy to upgrade … Continue reading

 This post is by Kai Sahala from the Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile Broadband team For anyone who followed the iPhone 5 launch last week, there was a clear message: all the new smartphones announced recently support LTE. Earlier this month, Nokia launched the new line up of Windows 8 Lumia smartphones, and now Apple has … Continue reading

This blog is by Wolfgang Nagel from the Nokia Siemens Networks Railway Solutions team. Unpredictable fuel prices, continuing economic uncertainties and global environmental concerns are renewing interest in railways. Governments and travelers around the world increasingly see railways as a primary mode of national and regional transport. The European Union, for example, would like all … Continue reading

This post is by Ashish Dayama from the Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile Broadband team. There has been  huge growth in subscriber demand for high-speed 4G mobile broadband and internet services in India. Bharti Airtel, a leading Indian operator, is banking heavily on this growth. “I see the future of telecommunications as very bright – all … Continue reading

With the implementation of Voice over LTE (VoLTE), voice will become data. In South Korea the first commercial VoLTE networks have been launched, and the evolution to VoLTE has already started. In another major milestone, Renesas Mobile Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced cellular platforms with its headquarters in Japan, has announced that it has … Continue reading

American flag

This post is by Bob Fennelly, Head of Public Safety for Nokia Siemens Networks Here in the U.S. last week many eyes were on Florida – mainly to keep watch on the developing Hurricane Isaac. As it happened, the Republican National Convention (RNC) was also taking place in Tampa, Florida, and many breathed a sigh of … Continue reading

After a few years using a blog that felt perhaps a little too ”distinct” from the rest of Nokia Siemens Networks online presence, we’ve implemented a change. All our blogs have been migrated here with an  updated look and feel, which also aids navigation to other parts of the company’s website,  Links to past blogs should still work, … Continue reading

Wi-Fi is growing up

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Interest in carrier Wi-Fi is growing in parallel with the number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, which is estimated to hit 2 billion by 2015[1]. Wi-Fi is also a topic that raises many questions. Where does it fit in the ecosystem, and what’s the best strategy to exploit its strengths and weaknesses? Wi-Fi has had an interesting … Continue reading

Software maintenance keeps the wheels turning in all the systems that drive ICT. More than fixing defects and meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), software maintenance can and should support proactive, predictive and even preemptive action to add business value. In today’s challenging economic and business conditions, effective software maintenance is one way to generate value … Continue reading

This post is by Jim Benson, Nokia Siemens Networks’ head of Optical Networks for the Americas Today’s Internet-centric lifestyle demands huge volumes of bandwidth because people want to be connected anywhere and anytime. So, it’s no wonder that operators have to deal not only with higher data traffic volumes, but also with unpredictable traffic patterns. … Continue reading

South Korea takes the gold in VoLTE

In the global race to introduce Voice over LTE, South Korea has taken first prize. August 8th saw the successful launch of commercial VoLTE services by SKT and LGU+, with KT expected to follow suit in October. The launch of VoLTE by Korea’s top three operators is further proof that the country is the most … Continue reading

Recent headlines tell the story: “Hackers Demonstrate a Rising Vulnerability of Smartphones”. On the one hand, this is a concern for subscribers, who worry about lost data, unauthorized access, and other security risks. But I’d like to look at the flip side of this issue, which is the business opportunity for operators who can provide … Continue reading

The drumbeat of recent network sharing agreements is a good indication of the benefits, which include lower investment and operational costs. Building and operating one network rather than two is a good way to offset the growing cost of providing more capacity to meet exploding data demand. And as long as operational processes and the … Continue reading

In a new white paper, sponsored by Nokia Siemens Networks, IDC reports the results of its conversations with Nokia Siemens Networks operator customers worldwide. Their conclusion? Nokia Siemens Networks is headed in the right direction. Operators gave clear positive feedback about the strategy behind our transformation. This is strong independent verification of our plans to … Continue reading

Thanks to Nokia Siemens Networks working with all three service providers, Korea has over 99% LTE coverage. The mass early adoption of LTE in the country is phenomenal and anyone can access a vast range of multimedia content on the move. As you can see in this two and a half minute video about mobile … Continue reading

For some time now, Nokia Siemens Networks has been on the forefront of TD-LTE commercialization and globalization. Recently in our Arlington Heights, Illinois lab, we proved another milestone in pushing the limits in LTE-Advanced readiness by demonstrating record TD-LTE data speeds and showcasing a new LTE-Advanced capability. The live demonstration was conducted before a group … Continue reading

There was an interesting Facebook discussion recently. A friend of mine was starting a daily commute from Bristol to London and wanted to hear which mobile broadband provider his friends recommended. To use his time effectively, he wanted to be able to work on the train and needed a reliable dongle that would always connect, … Continue reading

Battery life is high on the agenda of both smartphone users and mobile operators. In recent tests of 3G radio parameters, the Nokia Siemens Networks Smart Labs team demonstrated how mobile operators can significantly raise smartphone battery life. It all comes down to radio network parameter values. By measuring the impact of changes in parameter … Continue reading

LTE is on a roll. More than 250 operators have committed to LTE in nearly 90 countries, and more than 70 commercial networks are up and running, making LTE the fastest developing mobile broadband technology ever. As subscribers in advanced markets get a taste for the amazing speeds that LTE offers, the role of Customer … Continue reading

The Nokia Siemens Networks  4 pipes radio module for TD-LTE, which was launched at CTIA 12 in May, delivers twice the transmit power and covers a larger area than any other comparable product. For dense urban environments or wide open spaces, the result is higher average sector throughput and optimum coverage.  Part of the radio … Continue reading

More mobile operators than ever are supporting  the Mobile App Challenge, a GSMA initiative to drive improvements in application connectivity, power consumption, network reliability, security and other areas. GSMA’s recent Smarter App challenge, which was part of this program, incentivized developers to implement GSMA’s recommendations, create more efficient mobile applications and enter them in the … Continue reading

At its recent workshop in Hangzhou, China, the Global TD-LTE Initiative, or GTI, continued its work to promote TD-LTE technology. By driving the global commercialization and early adoption of TD-LTE and the convergence of TD-LTE and LTE FDD, the GTI aims to make TD-LTE one of the leading technologies for 4G mobile broadband. The workshop … Continue reading

Together we are smarter than ever. At our Smart Lab in Madrid, Spain, Telefónica and Nokia Siemens Networks are investigating how networks, applications and smartphones can work together more smoothly and effectively to deliver the best customer experience. When we spoke to Telefónica during Mobile World Congress 2012, they reported that the Madrid Smart Lab … Continue reading

Smartphone users upload data like crazy

Think of it as the “Super Bowl Effect.” At this year’s Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 60% of mobile traffic was uplink traffic. In the future, the use of video and other bandwidth-heavy mobile applications is set to grow even further. At the Super Bowl, fans uploaded more data to the network than … Continue reading

What do you get when you combine a cool new technology and a hot thriving market? An exciting combo, and a very successful launch of 4G in Brazil, which was the first 4G launch in the country and all of Latin America. Telecommunications penetration is growing at an unprecedented rate in Brazil, so there is … Continue reading

Remember when visits to cell sites were part of the job (you’ve heard the stories about sleeping bags and all nighters?!). Today most network management tasks can be done remotely with software tools, which is a step in the right direction. The challenge for today’s operations personnel is the sheer number of tools, which continues … Continue reading

First with 3GPP-compliant femtocells

Small cells have been big news lately as operators look for new ways to meet growing demand for mobile broadband. Femto small cells are already providing localized 3G mobile broadband coverage and capacity for homes and offices. The good news about femto is worth repeating: a proven technology, commercially available and just what operators need … Continue reading

Every day, the communications industry’s media run stories about LTE. As the fastest ever growing communications technology, LTE is certainly taking center stage. After all, LTE is obviously where the 4G action is. Right? Well, let’s not forget that HSPA is the world’s most widely deployed radio access technology, and is likely to remain so … Continue reading

By 2015, mobile operators will be paying €13 billion a year for backhaul leasing. Operators also face the challenge of high costs as they upgrade backhaul networks to support high data rates, often involving a change in backhaul technology, as well as adding capacity.  These are big reasons for operators to look at ways to … Continue reading

In this guest post, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) argue that customer insight and personalisation are the keys to delivering a great customer experience, supported by two real-world case studies. They draw the analogy that it makes no more sense to offer every customer the same package than to offer every runner the same shoes. Please … Continue reading

Rarely does a competitor turn out to be your biggest fan. But that’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from the ringing endorsement of how we market our consulting by Chinese company Huawei. Huawei’s 2012 brochure on telecom consulting services, “Achieving Business Success“: will ring a few bells with operators who’ve read the approach … Continue reading

Customer loyalty is at an all-time low. Customer churn, the number of mobile customers switching providers every year, reached 44 percent last year, the highest level ever.* When operators need to replace churning subscribers, they incur another round of acquisition and retention costs, so subscriber churn has a direct impact on profitability in all markets, … Continue reading

What if customers in downtown Orlando can’t access their mobile Facebook or the connection gets slow? How long does it take for the mobile operator to detect it, prioritize it and fix it? According to a recent Acquisition and Retention study,  “network and service quality are highly prized by customers with 60% * of heavy … Continue reading

That fact that the annual LTE World Summit has recently established itself among the top events in the sector has really underlined the importance of LTE in our industry. It’s also a good opportunity to reflect about the LTE market development that we have seen over the recent years.  By April 2012 there were 64 … Continue reading

TD-LTE cost effectively meets the pent up demand of Mobile Broadband and has global momentum with spectrum available in 110+ countries. China Mobile, Nokia Siemens Networks are partnering to commercialize TD-LTE – Making History with First 4G Network of China. China Mobile is laser focused on introducing 4G that is topping 100Mbps data rate to … Continue reading

On the lookout for iconic mobile antenna designs, we, together with Aalto University, invited students to come up with ideas on how mobile antennas could look in the future. The winners of the active antenna design competition were announced on Thursday last week and the best design award was shared between teams Owl and Tetrix. … Continue reading

In the Current Analysis’ recent “Customer Experience Management survey: Operator strategies and Purchase Horizon” report*), operators ranked Nokia Siemens Networks together with Hewlett Packard in the first place. Here’s an excerpt from the main report: “NSN currently enjoys some perception advantages over its immediate rivals in the burgeoning CEM solution market. NSN´s early championing of … Continue reading

TD-LTE (Time Division-LTE) is playing a key role in helping operators to address explosive demand for mobile broadband even when there are limited resources. Operators require a scalable TD-LTE mobile broadband network that can be initiated with the minimum possible total cost of ownership. To address the operator need our engineers have come up with … Continue reading

Getting smart on device security

When it comes to PC security, most people are sensible – we install anti-virus software, don’t open suspicious looking emails and keep passwords secret. So, what happens when it comes to smartphone security? While 9 out of 10 PC users protect their computers, only 23% of smart device users do so. Although they say they … Continue reading

Better experience, better business

Nokia Siemens Networks, in collaboration with Light Reading, recently conducted a Customer Experience Management (CEM) benchmark survey where over 300 telecom industry professionals reported on their CEM perceptions, readiness and deployment plans. Results showed operator investment plans, type, and timelines. Nearly one third of network operator respondents said their company expects to have their CEM … Continue reading

Earlier last week, the whole world was holding their collective breath waiting for the new iPad to be released and the newest version of this popular smart device was finally unveiled. Undoubtedly millions of people the world over will flock to stores and online websites to get their new gadget and start using it for … Continue reading

Introducing Integrated Packet Transport Network solution It’s pretty much a given that the more complex a system, the more costly it will be to run and maintain, and the less likely it is to be resilient in the face of everyday pressures. And so it is with communications networks. I meet many network operations managers … Continue reading

As part of a collaborative initiative, we brought together diverse minds in mobile, technology and broadband at a webinar recently to share their points of view and opinions on the future of mobile broadband . The vision paper below incorporates some of their thoughts on #MBBFuture. Mobile Broadband: The Future Vision Document 2 View more … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks has shown an LTE-Advanced demonstration achieving data rates of more than 1.4 Gbps. Using our company’s commercial LTE hardware, Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station, our researchers in Arlington Heights, Illinois, aggregated five 20 MHz bands to achieve 100 MHz, the theoretical maximum for LTE-Advanced. The demonstration showed that operators with our Flexi … Continue reading

Smartphones need more coverage and better capacity Smaller cells step in to fill the gaps indoors and in hot zones. But how can operators get better capacity and coverage from existing macro sites, when users are unevenly spread out within the area? Signals spread over the cell sector The signal transmitted from an antenna spreads … Continue reading

Macro sites deliver voice up to the cell edge, but data rates drop off quickly. The further a user moves away from the site center, the weaker the signal. Less signal means less bandwidth and lower data rates by far. Users are unaware of cell-edges and expect high data rates ‘at their location’ From a … Continue reading

How modernized GSM supports smartphones

Today, GSM enables voice calls around the globe. At the same time, the number of smartphones is rising rapidly, as is mobile data usage. Operators refarm GSM frequencies and maintain GSM services Smartphones need bandwidth, and bandwidth needs frequencies. Thus, operators are refarming part of the GSM frequencies to HSPA and LTE. A lean and … Continue reading

Cloud provides capacity in simple terms

 It is a tedious business to build enough coverage, data and signaling capacity without overdimensioning and thus overspending Voice calls, video streaming, internet browsing, smartphone app signaling, video calls all require a different combination of parameters for quality service. Voice patterns are continuous It takes two to make a phone call, and the data rate … Continue reading

Hot zones are areas where people use data services heavily. This can be any government campus or central business district, an airport, a shopping and office mall or a highly frequented pedestrian zone. Finding sites close to Hot Zones and achieving good indoor signal levels is difficult. Operators traditionally add capacity for hot zones by … Continue reading

Multiflow for HSPA and Coordinated Multipoint for LTE provide better bandwidth Today, my phone connects to one base station only So far, my phone uses the strongest signal from the surrounding base stations. Weaker signals from other base stations only interfere. I get a good signal when I am close to the base station, but … Continue reading

In most of my recent customer interactions, a key unanswered question is – how can I as a service provider distinguish my brand, and improve my financial performance today? Network coverage and infrastructure continue to get a lot of modernization and architectural attention, but how can I ensure loyal and happy customers. How do I … Continue reading

We all know that IP networks simplify network architecture, reduce costs, increase network performance and reliability, enhance network and subscriber manageability and enable the introduction of many new services and applications for operators. But migrating to an all IP network remains a challenge for them. The transformation is not straight forward as operators cannot just … Continue reading

4G broadband technologies such as LTE enable users to surf the Internet while accessing applications. All this happens at unprecedented speed, guaranteeing a great user experience. However, when you are sitting in a cabin at 9.000 feet on top of a glacier – as recently happened to me – it becomes clear that you can’t … Continue reading

While there are many exciting opportunities for operators in this new world of communications, unprecedented growth and unpredictability of demand threaten to strain network and business processes. Our research predicts that total mobile broadband traffic may increase up to a thousand-fold by 2020. Given this scenario, operators will have to make sure that their networks … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks applauds the U.S. Congress for making the bold decision to free up much needed spectrum for mobile broadband through voluntary incentive auctions. By also setting aside spectrum and critical funding for a nationwide public safety mobile broadband network, Congress can be proud of a rare double achievement that will benefit consumers and … Continue reading

A 4G technology like TD-LTE allows users to do more using faster smartphones. However, as happens in fairy tales, all good things have a caveat: Every time the user clicks on an app, the smartphone will send a signal to the base station. In fact, every time we use data services, each session requires a … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks and Aalto University are organizing an active antenna design competition for students as part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. One of the key themes of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 is looking at how good design can improve peoples’ everyday lives. During the project, Nokia Siemens Networks and Aalto University … Continue reading

According to the latest Nokia Siemens Networks’ research, liaisons between operators and many of their customers are entering a critical stage. Importance of mobile broadband quality for customer retention has increased heavily year-on-year, but at the time satisfaction with it has been decreasing dramatically. Especially the most loved ones – the high value customers – … Continue reading

We have recently shared information about heavy network traffic load generated by Android phones. Looking at existing 3G smartphones that have been tested in our Nokia Siemens Networks Smart Labs using OTT Voice over IP applications Nimbuzz, GoogleTalk and Skype, the issue seems to be more about different smartphone behavior. This includes the signaling load … Continue reading

American football’s biggest game this weekend may have lasted just a few hours, but telecom networks were gearing up a year ahead to meet peak loads, with network upgrades, additional capacity and more. Operators face the same challenges of variable loads, whether it is an event like Mobile World Congress or the daily ebb and … Continue reading

Infographic: Mobile Broadband 2020

As our recent “Beyond 4G” white paper postulated, the huge rise in mobile broadband consumption over this decade will result in mobile networks facing unprecedented increase in traffic. Telcom operators will also face huge unpredictable peaks and ebbs in demand based on time of day, location and new bandwidth-hogging online services. These challenges require innovative … Continue reading

50 LTE customers and counting

Nokia Siemens Networks has always been at the forefront in making both FDD LTE and TD-LTE a commercial reality. Now, we are proud to announce that we have reached yet another milestone on this fascinating journey and have contracted our 50th LTE customer. Our LTE journey includes many commercial milestones and successes, including deploying the … Continue reading

The Future of Mobile Broadband: A vision

As part of a collaborative initiative, we brought together diverse minds in mobile, technology and broadband at a webinar recently to co-curate a vision and manifesto for the future of mobile broadband. Here is an audio recording of the entire webinar and discussion. Below is a vision document that amplifies on the thoughts our experts  … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks has been nominated in three categories of the Global Mobile Awards 2012 – Best Embedded Mobile Device (Non-Handsets), Best Mobile Broadband Technology and Best Infrastructure Technology. While its wireless router for connectivity to TD-LTE services via WiFi or Ethernet, the CPEi-lte 7212, made the shortlist for Best Embedded Mobile Device, the company’s … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Suzhou factory in China celebrated the production of the 2 millionth  Flexi Base Station TRX on the 13th of December, The company also inaugurated the Suzhou IHub to strengthen  its manufacturing capability. “The 2 millionth Flexi Base Station TRX* marks another milestone for us in China signifying a new stage of innovation and leadership.” said … Continue reading

Markus Borchert, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Operations of the Greater China Region at Nokia Siemens Networks, was awarded as Economic Figure of the Year of the China Information Industry at China Information Industry Economic Conference in Beijing on December 1st. Nokia Siemens Networks was highly appreciated for its track record of innovation … Continue reading

A European 3G network is benefiting from a 30% signaling traffic reduction, three months after Network Controlled Fast Dormancy (NCFD) was implemented by Nokia Siemens Networks. That’s good news for mobile operators as up to 20% of all smartphones in 3G networks are now NCFD-enabled. NCFD combats the near-constant signaling from smartphones on mobile broadband … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks Open Core System won the “Best of LTE Core Network Product” at the LTE North America awards ceremony, held Tuesday evening (November 8th) in Dallas, Texas, in conjunction with the LTE North America 2011 event also held this week. Our Open Core System hardware platform implements core virtualization for all core software applications … Continue reading

NSN wins two SAP Quality Awards in 2011 – “Gold” in Germany and “Bronze” in the EMEA region for the Category: Medium to Large Implementation with the Common Sales Platform implementation. Each year, the SAP Quality Awards celebrates its customers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) for achieving excellence in planning and executing of … Continue reading

TD-LTE (Time Division Duplex LTE) is one of the two operation modes of LTE. Contrary to FDD-LTE (Frequency Division Duplex LTE), LTE’s other mode of operation, TD-LTE uses unpaired spectrum. With a great number of unpaired frequency bands including 2.3 GHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz now available for TD-LTE deployment, the unpaired mode is … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks is coming to AfricaCom 2011, held at the Cape Town Convention Center on 9 & 10 November, in an innovative way. This year, instead of being present on the exhibition floor, we’ve moved to a separate area, called the ‘Liquid Oasis’, right opposite exhibition hall 2 and close to the registration area on the … Continue reading

In his keynote speech at 4G World in Chicago this week, Rick Corker, head of the North American region, presented a call to action for the industry – prepare for a flexible future. “While telecommunications has been changing for decades, the increased pace of change has been staggering. New players, new behaviors and patterns for … Continue reading

The second Twitter chat on Customer Experience Management for Communications Service Providers (#CSPCX), focused on the mobile network experience, how customers perceive it, and the role of network performance in the overall customer experience and the operator’s business. It was facilitated by Nokia Siemens Networks @NokiaSiemensNet, together with Telesperience @teresacottam and Amdocs @AmdocsInc. – Texts … Continue reading

4G World 2011 starts this week at McCormick Place in Chicago, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the program has to offer regarding next-generation technologies from LTE to small cell to cloud computing. At Nokia Siemens Networks, we are helping North American carriers plan for a flexible future in an unpredictable world.  … Continue reading

In the Nokia Siemens Networks Smart Labs*, we’re always keen to explore just exactly how handsets and applications are working in the network.  And sometimes we find some surprising things. For example, we recently tested several popular Voice over IP (VoIP) applications on a range of handsets and compared them to the network and battery … Continue reading

We facilitated our first Tweetchat on customer experience management in March 2011. At 500 tweets/hour, the pace of discussion was intense, interesting and enlightening. Now it’s time to have another round. October 18th,  10-11 a.m and 5-6 p.m. CET. And this time, we’ll cover the globe, with 2 sessions to bring together as many participants, … Continue reading

Our industry has been talking about mobile video for a long time, but it’s only now that the key enablers for long-form content have all come together for a large variety of full-length movie and tv content on demand with a tablet  as a convenient viewing device anywhere over a mobile broadband network for simple … Continue reading

The Innovation Renaissance

During his keynote speech at the 2011 Broadband World Forum, Bosco Novak, member of the Nokia Siemens Networks’ Executive Board, explained why now, more than ever, telecoms innovation is vital to support today’s rapidly changing economies and societies: ‘If the history of innovation is the history of doing more with less, then it’s clear that … Continue reading

TD-LTE using 8 pipes radio head TD-LTE (Time Division-LTE) can play a key role in helping operators to address explosive demand for mobile broadband even when there are limited resources. Operators starting out on TD-LTE today require a mobile broadband network that can be initiated with the minimum possible CAPEX, site cost and OPEX. Going … Continue reading

Growth is good!! Nokia Siemens Networks’ estimates that the mobile broadband traffic volumes is going to grow by 2600% in the next five years.  There are huge opportunities associated with this growth in mobile broadband for  telecom operators. To ride this growth wave telecom operators have to upgrade network and build capacity to accommodate the … Continue reading

Infographic: Mobile Broadband 2020

As our recent “Beyond 4G” white paper postulated, the huge rise in mobile broadband consumption over this decade will result in mobile networks facing unprecedented increase in traffic. Communication Service Providers will also face huge unpredictable peaks and ebbs in demand based on time of day, location and new bandwidth-hogging online services . These challenges … Continue reading

BBWF 11: The future of Broadband is here

Broadband Forum 2011 kicks off today in Paris. The three day tradeshow and conference is arguably a Grand Slam event on the industry calendar and it’s fitting that our team is showcasing our new Liquid Net architecture and other innovative offerings here this week to a global audience. Liquidnet unleashes the capacity frozen within a … Continue reading

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow

Nokia Siemens Networks' Liquid Net:: An Overview In a recent report, iSuppli reckons global smartphone shipments will double by 2015 and account for more than half of all mobile phones sold. At the same time, mobile broadband traffic volumes will see a 2600% increase in the next five years, say Nokia Siemens Networks’ own figures. … Continue reading

According to data from Nielsen, average smartphone data usage grew from 230 MB/month in the first quarter of 2010 to 435 MB/month in the first quarter of 2011. At 89%, this dramatic growth is raising many questions for CSPs: how to make this growth profitable, whether and how to introduce usage-based data plans, and whether … Continue reading

Will Signaling be a Problem in LTE?

With the recent flurry of excitement about the possibility of LTE devices from Apple hitting the shelves in a mere matter of weeks, it’s probably a good time to look at the #1 question that we hear from operators on this topic:  Will signaling require as much resources and attention in LTE as it has … Continue reading

Mobile Broadband Beyond 4G Global demand for mobile broadband is accelerating as more people start to use more online services. Data-hungry services like video and mobile gaming will become more popular, while the rise of machine-to-machine communications will only add to the pressure on mobile networks. There is room for a ten-fold increase in mobile … Continue reading

Tier down this tariff

To start with non-news: mobile data explodes and with it  maintenance costs of wireless networks. Tiered pricing plans for data services typically introduce a limited number of alternative data plans each characterised by a set amount of data capacity, e.g. 500MBytes or 5GBytes – one way for operators to deal with this situation; Verizon is … Continue reading

M2M and The Future of Mobile

Scenario 1: A freak snowstorm in Munich, Germany, in the month of December increases power loads as people switch on their heaters. Smart energy meters installed in user housesholds transfer power consumption to the local electricity company. This allows the utility to adjust supply while providing automated billing. Users benefit from real time billing information … Continue reading

Or  How Even A Marketing Promotion Can Create A Signalling Storm. Because smartphone signalling has been such an issue for so many operators over the last two years, we’re always on the lookout for new information about how signalling works and how it can be improved.  And what we’ve found is that sometimes you need … Continue reading

We’re back, after 3 years, at CommunicAsia in Singapore, with our innovative showcase themed Liquid Telco: Extreme Flexibility for Success, helping our customers in the Asia Pacific region drive business agility to succeed in the highly fluid market environment. At CommunicAsia 2011, visitors to our booth had the opportunity to meet numerous Nokia Siemens Networks … Continue reading

GSM celebrates 20 years

GSM as in Global System for Mobile communica- tions? Who could be bothered with that one in the age of 3G, 3.5G, 4G and beyond? Does this technology still have any relevance today? Well, actually it does. Think of a mobile radio technology that supports more than 4.4 billion subscribers around the world, via 838 … Continue reading

It’s a lofty aim. Under its Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) initiative, the UK’s coalition government wants Britain to have, by 2015, the best superfast broadband network in Europe. The question, of course, is how? According to the 2011 Connectivity Scorecard, the UK is already doing reasonably well, although it could do a lot better. The … Continue reading

Operator Three UK has turned on high definition (HD) Voice support across its 3G network in the UK. Three’s customers are already making tens of thousands of High Definition calls every day, and as more and more handsets come equipped with the technology this figure is expected to grow rapidly. The HD Voice technology is … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks’ contribution to femtocell standards was honored at this week’s Femtocells World Summit 2011 in London. The award recognizes the company’s contribution to 3GPP Releases 10 and 11 and its enhancements to mobility and interference management. “We have always been an active driver of femtocell standardization initiatives,” said Timo Hyppölä, head of 3G … Continue reading

Telco charging in a public cloud?

The numbers vary greatly but expectations are always high; to quote just two examples: Analysys Mason forecasts that the total global cloud management market will generate revenue of 574 million USD in 2015; Gartner expects that this year’s Infrastructure as a Service segment will be roughly 6 billion USD. There is no doubt that CSPs … Continue reading

The world knows Finland’s Rovio as the creator of the runaway success Angry Birds game, which to date has seen over 250 million downloads. What the world doesn’t know as well is that Rovio is a conscientious developer that strives to be a good network ecosystem player by proactively taking steps to understand exactly the … Continue reading

The Nokia Siemens Networks Quality of Service (QoS) differentiation solution operates in heavily loaded networks when requests to use the network exceed its capacity. It enables the prioritization of data traffic, according to subscription agreements, to divide the available resources fairly. Different priorities can be allocated to different user segments or applications and be applied … Continue reading

CSPs and the IPv6 future

Internet Protocol or IP addresses are like our phone or mobile numbers, identifying us on the Internet. But the current IPv4 addresses are expected to run out sometime this year. Result: we risk limited online functionality for internet users all over the world. The only solution is to upgrade to IPv6, which provides trillions of … Continue reading

Everywhere I look in our industry, I see an amazing pace of change. It’s really a brand new world out there and in the past year, in particular, there is no doubt that quality has become king. We are getting that message from many different sources. One of them is our Nokia Siemens Networks 2010 … Continue reading

We are looking forward to TIA this week where our team will be showcasing our capabilities and expertise in mobile broadband, transport and customer care. The event, which takes place May 17-20 at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas, is focused on confronting the challenges of security, reliability and sustainability of the Network. Nokia Siemens Networks … Continue reading

Smartphone penetration is predicted to double in the next four years, everywhere in the world. That means that, on average, mature markets will be looking at 60% smartphone penetration and even some cities in emerging markets will have a smartphone penetration of 30% or more. So if some operators had problems with smartphone signalling volumes … Continue reading

We have just  published our Sustainability Report 2010, that outlines our social and environmental impacts and performance during 2010. Compared to last year, this report is much more concise and heavy on performance data. That might sound like a contradiction in terms, but we really have tried to make it easier to follow our progress … Continue reading

Technology allows people to connect with anyone, anywhere – but as you can imagine, not every country and culture uses it in the same way, at the same frequency or to the same magnitude. How does each country compare in its use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)? And is there a direct connection between technology use … Continue reading

Trying to follow more than 80 people in a Twitter Chat sharing over 500 tweets within an hour, I realized how similar the situation was to that of a communication service provider (CSP) listening to its customers. The operator has to  to understand what different users are asking and how it can be delivered effectively … Continue reading

CTIA ’11 interview on Liquid Radio

You’ve probably seen our news on Liquid Radio, our new architecture for mobile networks that directs mobile broadband capacity to where it is needed most, which was launched at CTIA Wireless 2011. Check out this interview with Nokia Siemens Networks’ Chris Ebert and RCR Wireless on the show floor of CTIA. Chris talks about our … Continue reading

Balázs Bertényi, CTO Industry Environment at Nokia Siemens Networks is a huge golfing aficionado. His biggest moment on the green was when he achieved a hole in one. “I know the odds” says Balazs with a smile. In his new role as Chair of the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Service and System Aspects* (TSG-SA), he … Continue reading

Here’s a video of the inauguration that took place on March 31 2011. You can see how the solar panel array tracks the movement of the sun (that can be hard to find in Germany in March!). A great step forwards in terms of using more renewables to power mobile networks.

252 Mbps HSPA+ demo @ CTIA 2011

Our Nokia Siemens Networks Experience Center at CTIA 2011 presented a number of infrastructure demos to a global audience. In my view one of the most exciting showcases was the 252 Mbps HSPA+ demonstration that we conducted using our commercial Flexi Multiradio Base Station and Multicontroller platform. The speed record also had a lot of … Continue reading

CTIA Wireless 2011 was as exciting as ever, giving us a chance to showcase new developments and solutions – all geared to help our North American carrier customers address critical business challenges and ensure continued value add for their end users. Here are a few highlights from the event: We launched Liquid Radio, our new … Continue reading

“Improving customer experience” continues to be one of the top priorities on CSPs’ agenda. Many have already begun to invest in data consolidation and real-time analytics to develop a better understanding of user perceptions and the perceived quality delivered by network and actual service. The overall target: retain the customer base and attract new customers … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Smart WLAN Connectivity and Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station were honored at this week’s 2011 CTIA during its fifth annual E-tech Awards. The awards recognize new solutions and products on innovation, functionality, technological importance, implementation and overall “wow” factor. There’s added significance for this recognition as both products are key building blocks … Continue reading

Why the fuss about Liquid Radio?

Over the past two days at CTIA in Orlando, I have listened to the story of Liquid Radio, Nokia Siemens Networks newly unveiled approach to radio architecture being told a couple of dozen times. The pattern of each discussion – with analysts, journalists, customers, partners – has been broadly the same. Simone Severini, the on-site … Continue reading

Time for CTIA Wireless 2011

CTIA Wireless 2011 is kicking off today and our team here at Nokia Siemens Networks can’t wait to show you the latest in wireless technology and trends in the telecom industry. This year’s event takes place March 22-24 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. If you are attending, be sure to visit … Continue reading

Talking transformation

With the Nokia Siemens Networks Integration Center, agility is more than a nice idea If you think about it, the fundamental changes in our industry make huge demands on the OSS/BSS. The game is really changing here. As more subscribers use smart devices, they expect more from them. At the same time, CSPs need their … Continue reading

Our business in Japan

Like many multinational companies, over the last few days we’ve received a number of questions about our business in Japan. This blog is written to provide a brief answer to some of the most frequently asked. All of us at Nokia Siemens Networks have been watching the events in Japan very closely, with considerable concern … Continue reading

Review of OFC/NFOEC 2011

This year’s OFC event in Los Angeles was the busiest it’s ever been. At our Mobile Optical Lab on the show floor, we hosted many customer and press/analyst briefings, which included tours of the lab (view photos). Several of our experts also made presentations and  participated in panel discussions covering key issues in optical technology. … Continue reading

We are looking forward to OFC/NFOEC 2011 this week where our team will be showcasing the latest in optical technology and commenting on upcoming trends in that space. This show, which takes place March 8-10 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, is always focused on what’s next, providing a forward-looking view of optical transport and … Continue reading

168 mbps HSPA+ demo @ Mobile World Congress 2011

World's fastest HSPA+ download speed demo 168 mbps @ mobile world congress 2011 The Nokia Siemens Experience Center at Mobile World Congress 2011 saw several interesting demos and solutions showcased for a global audience. Among the most exciting was the 168 mbps HSPA + demo conducted using our commercial Flexi Multiradio Base Station and Multicontroller … Continue reading

Explore some of the products, services, technologies and trends showcased at our Experience Center at Mobile World Congress 2011, Barcelona. Join us on a virtual tour and share your feedback. For more video updates, visit our MWC website.

Just 12 months ago, at Mobile World Congress 2010, Nokia Siemens Networks demonstrated its leadership in HSPA+ evolution with an industry first: an HSPA+ data call with the world’s fastest peak rate of 112 Mbps. Next week at MWC 11, we are raising the bar further to a whopping 168 mbps. Our demo will be … Continue reading

Look around your home and you’ll realize it increasingly resembles a digital command center: multiple laptops and desktops, smartphones, tablets, e-readers…new options of 3D and interactive TVs, all connected to the web. In 2010, we watched 20 billion videos every day on You tube; uploaded 35 hours of video every minute. We also uploaded 3 … Continue reading

LTE takes the country road

Last fortnight we announced that more rural areas will be able to enjoy the benefits of LTE. Service provider Mosaic Telecom based in Wisconsin USA, is using several Nokia Siemens Networks solutions – including the components of Evolved Packet Core – to bring faster wireless broadband to customers in areas like northern Wisconsin. So what … Continue reading

This post is by Sue Spradley, Head of our North American Region and member of our Executive Management team. Nokia Siemens Networks is very excited about the FCC’s decision on Wednesday to continue its enthusiastic support of LightSquared’s vision of blanketing the country with a new integrated LTE-satellite mobile broadband network. As LightSquared’s technology partner, … Continue reading

Queensland, Australia was recently hit by floods and the state suffered significant losses including loss of lives and thousands were displaced. Many of the rural sites in Queensland became isolated as a result of the flooding and had no road access. Electricity was cut-off for safety reasons and telecommunication services were unavailable in many areas. … Continue reading

In the reference book “Welcome to the Experience Economy” (1), Joseph Pine and James Gilmore expound that companies are able to create economic value through a range of activities.  The most simple way consist of extracting commodities. The next step is about making goods and products. Another step up bring us to the well-known business … Continue reading

Every year, millions of Muslims from around the world head to the holy city of Mecca for the religious Hajj pilgrimage. The vast densities of people concentrated in a single area causes sudden spikes in network traffic, which makes managing a telecom network an insurmountable challenge. Nokia Siemens has partnered with Saudi Telecom Company (STC) … Continue reading

It is truly alarming that our planet’s human footprint is outstripping its biocapacity by 50%. ie  we are consuming the resources of 1.5 earths. This among other facts was unveiled in the latest Living Planet Report of 2010 from the WWF. Richard McLellan from WWF introduced the report and answered some relevant questions by NSN … Continue reading

… but didn’t know whom to ask. 1. What is Long Term HSPA Evolution? The term is used to refer to HSPA features that will be introduced beyond 3GPP Release 10. This technology will be introduced in parallel to the evolution of LTE and LTE-Advanced. Long Term HSPA Evolution pushes peak data rates up to … Continue reading

The European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) has appointed Dirk Weiler, head of Standard Management at Nokia Siemens Networks, as Chairman of the ETSI General Assembly. In addition to chairing ETSI’s highest decision making authority as of December 1, 2010, Dirk continues presiding the ETSI IPR Special Committee (Intellectual Property Rights). ETSI produces globally applicable standards … Continue reading

With its latest iPhone iOs 4.2 software, it looks like Apple is joining efforts to cut smartphone signalling down to size. Tests by Nokia Siemens Networks have shown that iPhone iOs 4.2  supports a technology called Network Controlled Fast Dormancy, which we have already introduced into our networks. Basically, the technology makes the network and … Continue reading

This blog post is by Jürgen Walter, Head of Business Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks. Communications Experience Transformation. These are three words that are close to my heart and I believe they will be the key to shaping a new communications landscape, one that we see evolving all around us. It certainly is a fascinating time … Continue reading

We enjoyed seeing you all at the recently concluded TelcoTV 2010! We had the opportunity to introduce the Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform to North America and offer demonstrations at the Nokia Siemens booth. The solution was well-received by customers, press and analysts, who responded with statements such as “impressive” and “when can we have it?” The … Continue reading

Be sure to keep up with Nokia Siemens Networks this week during TelcoTV – Nov. 9-11 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. We will be sharing our vision for the video services market as well as featuring the recently announced Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform. Converging traditional broadcast TV and web content into a single offering, … Continue reading

Some interesting research has been published on the first commercial LTE networks in Sweden. As you may be aware, TeliaSonera’s network  in Stockholm is deployed by Ericsson while Nokia Siemens Networks provides LTE for its network in Gothenburg. Signals Research has published the first comprehensive study of performance on these two networks.  It’s titled “2x20MHz … Continue reading

5 key factors for a smarter network

This blog post is by Ben Roome, Head of Media Relations, from Broadband World Forum 2010, Paris. The five key requirements for a smarter network are: 1. All-IP networks. Only IP networks are able to change fast enough to meet new user behaviour. With all-IP, platforms become scalable like never before, with software, more than … Continue reading

Smart devices call for smart networks

This blog post is by Ben Roome, Head of Media Relations, from Broadband World Forum 2010, Paris. Broadband World Forum is an event that has broadened along with the advent of higher-speed wireless access. As many companies are here in Paris talking about wireless, as they are fixed technologies. On our booth we’re pushing the … Continue reading

If last week saw huge crowds throng our P&T Expo booth in Beijing, China, Tuesday sees 4GWorld kick off in Chicago, with a large Nokia Siemens presence. Over the next three days, watch out for our updates from the event where we will be showcasing solutions that help operators deliver individual experiences to customers and … Continue reading

Innovative IML applications that help deliver interactive and personalized content to TV viewers debuted at P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA 2010. Interactive TV enriches the traditional TV experience by direct interactions related to the current TV program and all other programs via the remote control. Visitors experienced such dynamic applications at our Nokia Siemens Networks booth of … Continue reading

Our China team has come up with an entertaining way to showcase our TD-LTE speed and quality at 110 Mbps during P&T Expo currently on in Beijing from October 11 to 15. A team of dancers is performing simultaneously at the Nokia Siemens Networks booth, and at our Hangzhou R&D center to the tune of Michael … Continue reading

This blog post is by Saara Rounaja from our communications team on sustainability.
ICT solutions could help cut global greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 15 percent and save up to €600 billion ($750 billion) by 2020. That was a key statistic in the widely referenced SMART 2020 report issued in 2008 by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI).Now the initiative has announced a follow-up study titled ‘Evaluating the Carbon-Reducing Impacts of ICT’ that unveils methodology to evaluate the carbon-reducing potential of new ICT initiatives.

Changing the way people watch TV

This blog is by Antti Koskela, our head of communication and entertainment solutions, and covers how we’re leading the transformation to converge the Internet and TV According to our recently published Acquisition & Retention Study, almost 75% of fixed Internet subscribers in mature markets buy what are known as ‘service bundles’ – combinations of broadband … Continue reading

[This statement is an update to that issued by the company on August 17, 2010 where we declined to comment on the complaint. This can also still be found below.] This updated statement can also be found on the company’s website. We have no quarrel with Isa Saharkhiz and his son; indeed Nokia Siemens Networks … Continue reading

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” (Bruntland Commission) We have today published our third annual Corporate Responsibility (CR) report and welcome your comments, feedback, improvement suggestions. Let us know where you think we’re doing well and where we could … Continue reading

Rajeev Suri addresses the TDIA Here’s a post from Yuhong Chen, one of our team in China: The Shanghai World Expo 2010 has drawn a lot of attention since its commencement on May 1. The event is expected to draw participation from more than 190 countries, with most of our key customers visiting. This makes … Continue reading

There is a lot of talk at CTIA this year about the individual experiences wireless services can offer consumers.  Our booth, in particular, showcases how we help communications service providers build more valuable customer relationships by creating networks that offer individual experiences.  But what are those experiences?  There were some fantastic examples at today’s keynote … Continue reading

Wow, what an unbelievable first day of CTIA 2010.  The Nokia Siemens Networks booth was full of customers, media and analysts learning about our vision for the individual communications experience and all of our end-to-end capabilities to help communications service providers differentiate themselves in the market. Our four press releases, issued yesterday and today, demonstrate … Continue reading

Helping out in Chile

Helping out in Chile Aftermath of the earthquake in Chile An update from our team working on disaster response: We have been busy again with disaster relief actions after the devastating earthquake in Chile. First actions – following our process – is to ensure that our local employees are safe. So far, we have thankfully … Continue reading

Eye-control headphones from NTT DoCoMo

Eye-control headphones from NTT DoCoMo @ MWC10 Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks One of the more “out there” demos at MWC10 are the eye-control headphones from NTT DoCoMo. Essentially a combination of looking right and left eye movements can do different tasks (skip tracks, volume change, etc). It seems to work by sensing muscle … Continue reading

I have four bars of coverage!

THE Flexi multi radio. Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks Now, this is a nice snapshot. Here’s one of our demo experts taking a brief break. He’s sat next to our Flexi multiradio base station, with GSM, UMTS and LTE all combined in a single unit this is the lowest power, smallest footprint base station … Continue reading

Experience center still busy

Experience center still busy Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks As we draw to the end of the “First Day of Mobile World Congress 2010″, our Experience Center is still going strong. Check out our Mobile World Congress microsite for virtual tours, photos and video over the coming days. There is a LOT to take … Continue reading

The 10 minute tour

The 10 minute tour Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks Online telecom pub Light Reading set a tough challenge at MWC last year: what you’re doing at the event in 20 minutes. Well this year, Ray LeMaistre has raised (lowered?) the bar: the ten minute tour. When you’re a company of 60,000+ people, doing a … Continue reading

Lovely broadband at #MWC10 for press and analysts Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks Don’t forget, if you’re attending MWC on press or analyst accreditation, you can come along and get online with a fixed Ethernet connection. It’s probably an illustration of the work we need to do to solve the smartphone challenge, particularly in … Continue reading

Telefónica LTE van

Telefonica and Nokia Siemens Networks’ LTE van Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks Spotted turning out of the Fira on Sunday afternoon was this tinted-window people carrier. Something tells us it’s probably the Telefónica “LTE van”. Telefónica’s range of LTE demos at MWC 2010, powered by our technology, were announced last week .This van will … Continue reading

Apple iPad Announced Originally uploaded by Culvi As the iPad is unveiled, are the world’s mobile networks ready to cope? [N.B. a slight clarification, prompted by a comment, has been made to this article. - 30/01/2010] According to the ITU, mobile broadband subscriptions topped 600 million in 2009. As mobile broadband connections overtake fixed, few … Continue reading

Our response to Haiti

Given the scale of the disaster in Haiti, we thought it appropriate just to put here a brief update on our response. We have been shocked by the earthquake disaster on Haiti. In the last two days we have explored how we could best contribute to aid efforts in the aftermath of this natural disaster. … Continue reading

In-depth article in Helsingin Sanomat

Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks Originally uploaded by benroome On Sunday 29 November, an in-depth article on the company appeared in Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, following an interview with Rajeev. We’re working to see if we can post a complete English translation up for employees to read. Something that has received a … Continue reading

A deserved nobel for physics

Charles Kao working on ‘communication by guided light’ in 1966 Originally uploaded by benroome A little bit of a digression for this blog, but it was a delight to see Charles Kao awarded with the Nobel prize for physics. His breakthrough was to demonstrate that optical fibres could be used to transmit information over large … Continue reading

Simon will be missed

Simon Beresford-Wylie Yesterday it was announced that Simon Beresford-Wylie would step down as our CEO from the end of September 2009. Rajeev Suri, currently our head of services, will be taking over.a the new CEO. A lot will be written about our new CEO. I’m just going to briefly reflect on Simon’s departure. There is … Continue reading From Nokia Siemens Networks Mobile TV is already growing across Africa. Now the EU has removed an obstacle to growth in Europe. There’s been some great news for the mobile TV industry and consumers who’d like more access to TV on the go. The European Union has rejected an initial proposal by the EU … Continue reading

We’ve just posted a statement on our website about the work we do in Iran. I’ll post it here so people can comment. ======================== Recent media reports have speculated about Nokia Siemens Networks’ role in providing monitoring capability to Iran. To clarify: Nokia Siemens Networks has provided Lawful Intercept capability solely for the monitoring of … Continue reading

UPDATE: We were unsuccessful in our bid for Nortel’s assets. A news release on this was issued on July 25, 2009. The original post follows: So, the confirmation is finally here that we are interested in acquiring some of Nortel’s assets. The release can be seen online at our press site. The planned deal is … Continue reading

A Mobile TV revolution is brewing

Mobile TV- it’s an idea whose time has finally come. Our strategic partnership with Wipro on Mobile TV Broadcast, as discussed in the May 14th blog, is just the beginning of a lot of traction in this sphere, and opportunities are set to grow manifold. The slow start so far, has been due to a … Continue reading

There is some speculation in the press and online that Indian telecoms operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd has disqualified Nokia Siemens Networks from bidding on a 93-million-line cellular project on technical grounds. While we don’t usually comment on rumours, we feel that in this instance they could be damaging to the reputation of our award … Continue reading

The transfer of Nokia’s Mobile Broadcasting Solution platform to Wipro marks an important milestone for our success in delivering Mobile TV via service providers, and giving all of us the sorts of mobile services we want. Given the coverage of this move, it is important to clarify that the transfer of Nokia’s Mobile Broadcasting Solution … Continue reading

Leaders of the world pose for a group photo Originally uploaded by London Summit Most of the time, we’re aiming to differentiate ourselves as a company. To highlight how our particular focus – our mission and vision – mark us out from our competitors as the partner of choice for telcos around the world. However, … Continue reading

Wall mounted Flexi Base station Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks The big news in the industry today is a tie-up between Vodafone and Telefonica to collaborate and share stuff to save money. Last week, there were quite a few rumours about a proposed network sharing deal between the two companies. Commentators were falling over … Continue reading

Management of Complexity Originally uploaded by michael.heiss This great photo by Michael Heiss attempts to visualize the management of complexity. For network operators, attempting to manage multiple network components and systems, integrate new services, while expanding capacity, can be a distracting task. Increasingly our customers are turning to us to provide this expertise. We’re good … Continue reading

New broadband study

Prof. Len Waverman at a roundtable discussion of the new broadband study Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks Apologies for the gap in postings since Mobile World Congress. However, we’ve not all taken time out. This entry is provided by Ruth Lileg who’s been a driving force behind communicating our work on the Connectivity Scorecard … Continue reading

Winding down on the last afternoon Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks When it came together for this year’s Mobile World Congress, the industry’s theme seemed to be set: economic crisis, credit crunch, downturn, recession. However, after four days in Barcelona, other topics emerged. The most dominant, certainly from the infrastructure side, was probably LTE, … Continue reading

Marc Rouanne, head of Radio Access

Marc Rouanne, head of Radio Access Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks And so we come to the last day of the show. This in-depth session, developed jointly with NGMN, examined LTE in detail, moving through the process of developing the new technology from identifying requirements, to deployment. It included deployment options and scenarios, testing … Continue reading

Tommi Uitto, Head of Wireless Access product management, picks up the Network Technology Advance Award for the Flexi BTS Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks

Dick Lynch (centre) discusses mobile broadband Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks The big news from Mobile World Congress yesterday was Dick Lynch, the CTO of Verizon, talking about the companies that will help it to initially roll out LTE in the US. And Nokia Siemens Networks is among them. Mr. Lynch was on stage … Continue reading

Josef Lorenz discusses driving an environmentally sustainable business Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks Josef Lorenz (speaking), our head of innovations, took part in a panel discussion today on driving an environmentally sustainable business. As the outline to the session explained, “the mobile industry is leading the way in the creation and use of green … Continue reading

There are a couple of great new videos just uploaded to YouTube. There’s one of the booth and one of the hospitality area. If you’re reading this on the MWC Live site, they should be below. If not, go and visit the uniteChannel to see them. [youtube ylYVKc1GY2Q]

Simon Beresford-Wylie keynote Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks Simon gave a keynote address to delegates at the 2009 Mobile World congress this morning. In it he outlined how operators can build a sustainable future for mobile broadband despite the company’s expectation that mobile data traffic growth will outstrip revenues 100-fold between now and 2015. … Continue reading

Catching a glimpse of the sexy Flexi

Catching a glimpse of the Sexy Flexi Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks If you’re lucky, and look hard enough, you may catch sight of it. You’ll have to look hard as it’s compact, sleek, unobtrusive and consumes so little energy. This guy can’t seem to take his eyes off it. But if you visit … Continue reading

Global Mobile Awards…

Michael MacIntyre And as day two draws to a close, we look towards this evening’s Global Mobile Awards. We’re nominated in two categories: Category 6a – Best Network Technology Advance Altobridge: Remote Community Solution Alcatel-Lucent: 9900 Wireless Network Guardian Nokia Siemens Networks: Flexi Multimode BTS Software defined HSPA/LTE ZTE: ZXSDR B8200 2G/3G dual mode baseband … Continue reading

Crowds around the Nokia Siemens Networks booth Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks By Ben Hunt If I had written this blog on Monday I would probably have concluded that attendance at Mobile World Congress 2009 was dramatically down on 2008. Aside from visual evaluation – how crowded is the crowd? – I know of … Continue reading

Global Network Solution Center, Lisbon Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks By Chritina Dinné, Services: When customers turn to us and to know exactly how they can best drive profitability and grow smart, our new Service delivery model – on show here at MWC – provides an excellent answer. It offers the right balance of … Continue reading

Mobile Broadband: Theme of the Show?

FlexiPacket Microwave backhaul – integrates carrier Ethernet, originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks. By Barry French: Last year, the buzz at Barcelona was around mobile TV, music and entertainment. This year, mobile broadband seems to be the name of the game. Lots of talk from vendors and operators about LTE – where NSN has a … Continue reading

A smile on the way to the hospitality area

As you walk from our booth to the hospitality area, one small stand raises a smile from everyone. LifeVibes(TM) really grab the attention. We’re not going to go into what they do (we’re not really sure) but here you can see a few photos of their stand.

The WiMAX ecosystem

WiMAX ecosystem press conference, MWC 2009 Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks We’re here live at the Mobile WiMAX ecosystem press conference from Mobile World Congress 2009. A 07:00 start, as Tuesday is often the busiest day for customer meetings at the show, so we guess intel was trying to get in early at the … Continue reading

Day one draws to a close

The view along the Fira, Day 1 MWC 2009 Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks So, as day one at MWC2009 draws to close, how has it been for us? Well, customer meetings are, perhaps surprisingly given the economic climate, slightly up on last year. The hospitality area and booth have been busy all day … Continue reading

Barry French, EB member and head of communications Originally uploaded by Nokia Siemens Networks By Barry French: I am used to Barcelona in past years. Traffic jams. Crowds. Elbowing my way through the halls. Everyone fighting for a share of voice. Lavish entertainment. This year, even on Day 1, it feels different. Not gloom and … Continue reading

We believe we’ve identified the following three priorities designed to defend and enhance telecom operator revenues and drive profitability in the current economic climate: Putting the customer at the heart of business: As consumer and corporate spending is squeezed, CSPs are under more pressure than ever to provide an experience that engages customers and offers … Continue reading

As this article from today’s Financial Times demonstrates, the mobile industry – along with many other industries – has never faced a a global economic situation like the one we’re in right now. However, at Mobile World Congress 2009, we’re Reinventing the Connected World: industry’s most comprehensive response to current economic environment showcased at Mobile … Continue reading

Press: get online at MWC2009

You’re visiting Mobile World Congress. You’re on a deadline and need to file that story or upload photos and video. You want to get online with a secure, reliable broadband connection. But everyone’s accessing networks using wireless connectivity. Mobile World Congress is a unique event with possibly the highest radio spectrum usage – data density … Continue reading

We’ve just announced our intention to work with Juniper Networks to offer a combined fully-integrated Carrier Ethernet portfolio managed with a single click. As Ovum Principal Analyst for Switching and Routing John Mazur points out, “the adoption of carrier Ethernet is accelerating, especially for mobile backhaul and enterprise access applications. Still, network and element management … Continue reading

Africell in Gambia One of the myths that is occasionally propagated around global telecoms is that the mature market network technology of yesteryear is handed down as the technology of choice in growth markets where telecoms has, say, less than 50% penetration. This announcement about softswitch deployments with Africell in Gambia and Sierra Leone highlights … Continue reading

Information’s out there. Somewhere.

This could easily descend into a rant. It’s been a long day, but one that’s thrown into harsh relief how “connected” we all really are. I have two smart phones on two different UK networks. I have a PC, a Macbook, an iPod touch, countless email addresses, and quite a few social media accounts (Facebook, … Continue reading

The Experience Cloud

Back in December, this blog entry and mobile phone video attempted to explain the interactive stand we had at Nokia World 2008. Well, thanks to Moving Brands, the agency that helped produce the stand, there is now a far better video available to show it off. Watch this: Here is the basic explanation I gave … Continue reading

Measuring useful connectivity

There are many valuable studies around that measure how connected countries are. The ITU has a whole database of ICT statistics. In the UK, OFCOM publishes it’s excellent annual communications market report every Autumn. Telecommunications industry analysts such as Ovum, Gartner, Forrester, Heavy Reading and the Yankee Group all publish detailed information on infrastructure growth … Continue reading

Uzbek mobile billing

This photo is of a carved Koran holder masquerading as a mobile phone stand and was taken in Tashkent by Mary Loosemore. It’s a great photo and serves as a nice illustration of the expansion of mobile services in Central Asia. To cope with this expansion Nokia Siemens Networks is working with UCell in Uzbekistan. … Continue reading

A Mecca for mobiles

At one time or another, all of us with a mobile phone have been in a big crowd and had trouble getting a signal. It’s a little ironic that one of the most useful applications a mobile could have – finding people in a crowd – is also its achilles heel. Sporting events and concerts … Continue reading

Tapping into Indian talent

We recently agreed a new name for company supported employee charity work: Nokia Siemens Networks Uniting communities. This fits nicely with our Unite site that provides information about how we help the world communicate. One of the first initiatives announced as part of our Uniting communities program is “Bridge the gap” in India. We’re entering … Continue reading

The future for mobile in the Middle East

We’re at the GSM > 3G Middle East Congress this week (and if anyone knows how that title should be voiced, please comment. “GSM greater than 3G Middle East Congress,” perhaps?) highlighting the savings operators can make using renewable energy in their mobile networks, as well as how operators should maximise revenue by providing new … Continue reading

Leading the pack in APAC

NSN was the winner of Telecom Asia’s first Readers’ Choice Awards of the Wireless Network Vendor of the Year. Christian Fredrikson, Head of APAC region received this award at a ceremony held in Hong Kong on December 8.  (See the photo on the right). Telecom Asia organizes the awards to recognize the technology innovations and … Continue reading

India’s mobile growth

In some parts of the world, mobile growth can be hard to picture. Take India. In October, India recorded its record growth in GSM subscribers.  7.7 million new users in one month. It’s a handy figure as it works out at just over 10,000 new users every hour. Or almost 3 people a second buying … Continue reading

Capital Markets Day

Reading by the Brooklyn Bridge Just down the road from the Brooklyn Bridge, from which some of the world’s most famous man-made views can be seen, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks on Thursday offered a view of another kind: the future of the communications market. More than 500 investors, analysts and journalists attended Nokia’s Capital … Continue reading

Optical stuff and what 40G means

A confession: I love optical networks. For some reason, the idea of shining light down a thin hair of glass has held a fascination for me ever since I first read about it as a child. There’s a purity, beauty even, about the binary simplicity of a distant light appearing and disappearing that, as a … Continue reading

One of the final keynotes at Nokia World 2008, was a presentation from Professor Leaonard Waverman on the Connectivity Scorecard. Len is a visionary speaker and he’s passionate about the efforts government and business need to make so that society can truly benefit from ubiquitous connectivity. In chatting to him before his talk, he was … Continue reading

This post could really be titled “a typical day in the life of a global telecoms infrastructure, software and services provider”. We issued a couple of news releases today, one about WiMAX being on show in Rio de Janeiro and the other about leading Polish satellite provider Cyfrowy Polsat launching itself as a Mobile Virtual … Continue reading

The last stream session from Nokia Siemens Networks at Nokia World 2008 is with Stephan Scholz our Chief Technology Officer. Stephan did a general introduction on our market vision 2015 – the world connected. This is where applications reside predominantly in the Internet, broadband is everywhere, and there will be multitude of business models. In … Continue reading

A low quality video of Nokia Siemens Networks interactive stand at Nokia World 2008. I’m going to try and explain it. Bear with me. It really needs to be played with to be understood. Guests pick a “node” off the large lattice globe in the centre of the stand. Each node has a description of … Continue reading

Now, anybody “live bogging”, Bruno Giussani, European Director of TED, should be aware that he’s written the book on the subject. Literally.   Snatched from his own blog, LunchoverIP, Bruno Giussani is a writer, the European Director of the TED Conferences, the producer of the Forum des 100, and a frequent public speaker. He has … Continue reading

The second speaker up in the NSN stream at Nokia World is Miguel Arranz, Head of 2G Products, Vodafone Group Plc.   Miguel’s talk shines a spotlight on energy efficiency. It is something very close to our hearts at NSN. Environmental responsibility really is in the core of what we do. Both because global companies … Continue reading

NSN has its own stream here at Nokia World called “Join the living network”.    The first speaker of the day is Dirk Waasen, Editor in Chief, Connect. Here’s an extract from his biography: Dirk Waasen, 44, possesses more than 17 years of experience in journalism. After studying economics at Augsburg University he became an … Continue reading

Conversations about NSN news

Well, this is the (soft!) launch of Nokia Siemens Networks news blog. (Catchy). The basic aim of our having a “news blog” (we’ll come up with a better name soon… I hope) is to thread together what we’re saying on a day to day basis. In a global company with various product, solutions and services … Continue reading

TeleManagement World, Nice

Have you guys noted increasing interest around customer experience, drive for service quality? Really interesting solutions available e.g. in Nokia Siemens stand. Not only SW but also associated professional services to drive this forward. Trend were collective effort would play more and more important role in the future.

So the first day of Management World has been busy and interesting. I thought I would just share the look and feel of where we are. Be back shortly, Jane

I have been waiting all week to participate in the presentation on the environment and its economic implications (I was always in the other presentation theater when it was being given). Today, the last day of the congress, was my chance and I have to say it was a very positive experience. It wasn’t only … Continue reading

The next station on my little tour was the mobile advertising section. By analyzing the consumers behaviour advertising can be pointed much more precisely and avoid coverage waste. By considering demographics, behaviour and context, the communication approach can be more pointed more accurately at the target audience. This technology is especially aimed for the mobile … Continue reading

So now I know what is is in my life that I have missed before now – what a night! Great company, great food, great music (The legends, Nokia House band), amazing atmosphere … I won’t rant on this but let the pictures speak for themselves…

Television as a vision

Today I participated one of the guided tours on the booth. Our first station was mobile TV. To transmit TV content to mobile devices three different ways are shown. The DVB-H offers streaming content using appropriate mobile handhelds. Nokia Siemens Networks operates a full DVB-H infrastructure at the Barcelona exhibition, this is used by Nokia and Samsung to show … Continue reading

Food for thought – part 4

Another encounter – this time with an interactive marketing agency called Fjord. They have introduced a truly innovative element to the event, recruiting a chef who assembles small “dessert” dishes in the stand itself. These dishes (see below) are developed to demonstrate the brand of Fjord through the 5 senses – including the colour, taste and … Continue reading

Mobile search

Nice how you bump into old friends at events like this. Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with an old colleague who now works as EVP in a company called MCN – specialising in a mobile search platform that can be sold to operators. This is another piece of the puzzle for a contect-sensitive mobile web … Continue reading

Talking about Consulting

Telecommunications manufacturing companies are usually known for their hardware, technology and products. However in Nokia Siemens Networks, the consulting group would be the first point of call in order to look into business issues. As an example the consulting team helps the operator to decide if mobile advertising is beneficial for them in order to grow revenues. Also, gaps in … Continue reading

System management for operators

The Operation Support System (OSS) is being presented on the upper floor at the booth. It consists of three parts, element management, network management and service management. More than 60% of the operators spending go on maintanance, system integration and internal development. Usually different systems of different vendors work together. The OSS consists of a … Continue reading

We were lucky to have several participants from Nokia Siemens Networks to participate in the 13th Annual GSMA Global Mobile Awards, hosted by international comedian Graham Norton. One such lucky person was Mika Skarp, Head of Village Connection Product Management. I was able to track him down today to steal some photos and I also … Continue reading

Thinking about environment

Most of the CO2-emmissions are created during the lifetime of network equipment. Production and disposal are also important to note, but in total with less impact on the environment. In the beginning of mobile era, power consumption and environment protection was not really a key issue. Nowadays most companies and legal entities have come to … Continue reading

Impressions from the booth

The booth of Nokia Siemens Networks is located at Hall 8. Hall 8 is designated for large stands, in the middle there is the so called “court yard”, a meeting place for tours, groups, journalists and visitors who want to meet and socialize. Since Nokia Siemens Networks is organizing guided tours, customers can receive a full picture … Continue reading

Two comments: “As an industry we often make the mistake of jumping from basic voice services straight into personal internet, skipping over a tranistionary stage of ‘shared internet’. A good example of this step which is particularly relevant in developing markets would be a type of ‘internet cafe’, a community center where people assist end customers in searching for … Continue reading

Visiting the truck

On the main road (located within the fair ground), Nokia Siemens Networks placed a truck showing the new technology LTE. LTE means Long Term Evolution, which is mainly for mobile networks. It will be standardized later this year. LTE offers even a lot more bandwidth than nowadays technologies like UMTS and HSPA. While UMTS and … Continue reading

I just left a presentation on the subject of how to address revenue growth….a truely interactive and lively discussion! The customer in the session represented an operator from APAC and I asked if they could summarize their opinion on the topic and their key take aways. They summarized their thoughts in two interesting statements: 1) … Continue reading

Food for thought – part 3

The third speaker in this session was Ken Banks, founder His paper, Strengthening Democracy via SMS, introduced another innovative and important service and application, called Frontline SMS. This is a free text messaging service, designed for NFP organisations, to turn your PC into a SMS gateway to both send and receive text messages. It is developed … Continue reading

Food for thought – part 2

… the second of these sessions was from Michael Joseph, CEO SafariCom, Kenya. In his session he described a new service that have launched in Kenya, in partnership with Vodafone, called M-Pesa. this service is revolutionising money management in Kenya through the application of an SMS-based money transfer system coupled with a wide distribution network … Continue reading

Food for thought – part 1

ust got back from some thought-provoking sessions in “Hall 5″ as part of the “Mobile Society” stream of papers for delegates, called “Society on the Move”. The topic concern the impact and opportunities for mobile technology in society with presentations from Sanjay Kapoor (President, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel Ltd);  Michael Joseph (CEO, Safaricom); Ken Banks (Founder,; … Continue reading

Quite interesting: the Village Connection solution. It is especially aimed at developing countries in Asia and Africa. It is a system which enables local small businesses to create their own customer base. They can create local “village-” zones where the individual user can use make calls or transmit data for a special tariff, e.g. a village … Continue reading

Mondays press conference

The press conference of Nokia Siemens Networks took place at the “Casa Llotja de Mar”, a very old and very historic building. Speakers were Simon Beresford-Wylie (the CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks), Rajeev Suri (Head of Service) who is also member of the board and two guests. Leonard Waverman is Professor at the London Business School … Continue reading

Quote from Jyrki Holmala, Head of Sales, Converged Core: “I have been coming here for 4 years and this year it is clearly something different. Last year, the first time we came here together, we had the brand colours and logos etc made public, but we were two groups of people coming together not quite knowing each other. “Today is a totally different … Continue reading

Today I will be hosting the second of the two rooms in the Presentation Theater, where topics are of a slightly different nature than those of yesterday. Here speakers will be talking with customers on themes such as revenue growth, new growth markets, business transformation and the environment (including economic perspectives). I thought to share … Continue reading

MWC registration struggle

One small blip on the otherwise successful landscape of MWC – the registration process yesterday seems to have created long queues outside the event. The actual registration process is quite complicated. Delegates are required to look up their details on a computer screen and to provide some form of ID to registration staff, despite an … Continue reading

Phew…the first day in the Presentation Theatre (of which there are two running non-stop back to back presentations to individual customer groups).  Today’s theater topics ranged from mobile and wireless broadband to hosting and managed services….altogether nearly 10 sessions were held in my theater alone! I thought I should start this blog by summarizing one of … Continue reading

So finally, as every year, the Mobile World Congress opened its doors in Barcelona. Formally known as 3GSM, the emphasis is been given on all kinds of mobile communication. The former name, including the term “GSM” did not match that any more. When I arrived on the fair on Sunday, I had the opportunity to … Continue reading

A short tour through Hall 8

I thought I should try to provide some sort of structure for my ramblings – and this morning decided to spend all my “touring time” in hall 8, a logical choice as this is where our own stand and hospitality area are located. Naturally I am a little biased towards Nokia Siemens Networks own presence, … Continue reading

Hi and welcome to the event of the year in the telecommunications industy. Barcelona is awash with Mobile World Congress activity, starting at the airport where I was greeted today firstly by a staggering taxi queue and then secondly by a very welcome 30 minute shuttle service directly to the venue. Construction here at the … Continue reading

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