Nokia Siemens Networks has shown an LTE-Advanced demonstration achieving data rates of more than 1.4 Gbps. Using our company’s commercial LTE hardware, Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station, our researchers in Arlington Heights, Illinois, aggregated five 20 MHz bands to achieve 100 MHz, the theoretical maximum for LTE-Advanced. The demonstration showed that operators with our Flexi … Continue reading

Smartphones need more coverage and better capacity Smaller cells step in to fill the gaps indoors and in hot zones. But how can operators get better capacity and coverage from existing macro sites, when users are unevenly spread out within the area? Signals spread over the cell sector The signal transmitted from an antenna spreads … Continue reading

Macro sites deliver voice up to the cell edge, but data rates drop off quickly. The further a user moves away from the site center, the weaker the signal. Less signal means less bandwidth and lower data rates by far. Users are unaware of cell-edges and expect high data rates ‘at their location’ From a … Continue reading

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