TD-LTE (Time Division-LTE) is playing a key role in helping operators to address explosive demand for mobile broadband even when there are limited resources. Operators require a scalable TD-LTE mobile broadband network that can be initiated with the minimum possible total cost of ownership. To address the operator need our engineers have come up with … Continue reading

Getting smart on device security

When it comes to PC security, most people are sensible – we install anti-virus software, don’t open suspicious looking emails and keep passwords secret. So, what happens when it comes to smartphone security? While 9 out of 10 PC users protect their computers, only 23% of smart device users do so. Although they say they … Continue reading

Better experience, better business

Nokia Siemens Networks, in collaboration with Light Reading, recently conducted a Customer Experience Management (CEM) benchmark survey where over 300 telecom industry professionals reported on their CEM perceptions, readiness and deployment plans. Results showed operator investment plans, type, and timelines. Nearly one third of network operator respondents said their company expects to have their CEM … Continue reading

Earlier last week, the whole world was holding their collective breath waiting for the new iPad to be released and the newest version of this popular smart device was finally unveiled. Undoubtedly millions of people the world over will flock to stores and online websites to get their new gadget and start using it for … Continue reading

Introducing Integrated Packet Transport Network solution It’s pretty much a given that the more complex a system, the more costly it will be to run and maintain, and the less likely it is to be resilient in the face of everyday pressures. And so it is with communications networks. I meet many network operations managers … Continue reading

As part of a collaborative initiative, we brought together diverse minds in mobile, technology and broadband at a webinar recently to share their points of view and opinions on the future of mobile broadband . The vision paper below incorporates some of their thoughts on #MBBFuture. Mobile Broadband: The Future Vision Document 2 View more … Continue reading

Nokia Siemens Networks has shown an LTE-Advanced demonstration achieving data rates of more than 1.4 Gbps. Using our company’s commercial LTE hardware, Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station, our researchers in Arlington Heights, Illinois, aggregated five 20 MHz bands to achieve 100 MHz, the theoretical maximum for LTE-Advanced. The demonstration showed that operators with our Flexi … Continue reading

Smartphones need more coverage and better capacity Smaller cells step in to fill the gaps indoors and in hot zones. But how can operators get better capacity and coverage from existing macro sites, when users are unevenly spread out within the area? Signals spread over the cell sector The signal transmitted from an antenna spreads … Continue reading

Macro sites deliver voice up to the cell edge, but data rates drop off quickly. The further a user moves away from the site center, the weaker the signal. Less signal means less bandwidth and lower data rates by far. Users are unaware of cell-edges and expect high data rates ‘at their location’ From a … Continue reading

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