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In yet another strong affirmation of Nokia Solutions and Networks’ TD-LTE capabilities, the company, in collaboration with China Mobile (CMCC), became the first to deliver TD-LTE services at one of the world’s showcase racing events in Shanghai, the commercial capital of China. With NSN’s technical expertise, its Global Services portfolio, and its high-capacity Flexi Multiradio … Continue reading

Adding magic from the Silicon Valley

This post is by Kanika Atri from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @KanikaAtri Did you know that one-third of all of the venture capital investment in the United States goes to the Silicon Valley? No wonder it is home to most millionaires and the most billionaires in the US per capita. But venture capital only follows … Continue reading

This post is by Günther Horn from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Mobile security risks on the rise Today’s mobile networks no longer rely on obscure or proprietary protocols from the telecom industry, but leverage IP-based protocols. IP protocols have allowed mobile networks to easily interface with web servers, spawned a massive growth of user applications, … Continue reading

This post is by Marja-Liisa Lehtinen from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @lissulehtinen Liquid Broadband is all about creating additional value from mobile networks, specifically about making money from content delivery. It takes a holistic approach to content delivery, going beyond video and addressing the management of OTT applications and the evolution of traditional voice services. … Continue reading

This post is by Zhi-chun Honkasalo from Nokia Solutions and Networks. Twitter: @NSNtweets Imagine we are able to learn about the entire mobile broadband network in real-time. Imagine operators offering a personalized network experience every time a subscriber’s device interacts with the network.  And now imagine telecom network big data as footprints… Colossal amount of … Continue reading

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